Eric Khon Slams Rich Miller as Anti-Capitalist

-By Warner Todd Huston

Eric Kohn over at Illinois Mirror has a great piece that highlights the main difference between real capitalism and the sort of crony capitalism (which isn’t capitalism at all) that the left so dearly loves.

Rich Miller is a liberal who runs a well-trafficked website on Illinois politics called Capitol Fax. While he is certainly a Democrat and fully linked into that sort of politics, his site isn’t always mere propaganda for the left–though it is filled with such. Once in a while, Miller also slams a Democrat and he has certainly reported on situations and incidents that Democrats would rather be kept quiet. So, by this I mean his site isn’t mere propaganda as once in a while he does do some actual, good, unbiased reporting, or as Rush Limbaugh calls it a “random act of journalism.”

Miller’s site is also his business. He makes a tidy living off his efforts and he deserves his success for having built a website from the ground up that has become one of the state’s biggest sources of political news. It is also notable for being a website that makes money. Thar ain’t many of them around, to be sure. So, congrats to Rich.

All that being said, he is not really a capitalist despite all that hard work. Why do I say that? Because a lot of the money he makes, maybe most of the money he makes, comes from government–in other words, he is a leech off our taxes.

Eric Kohn recently pointed out how Miller’s site has made hundreds of thousands from our tax dollars. So, the fact is Rich Miller makes tens of thousands of dollars a year from subscriptions to his website paid for by city, county and state governments, all of which pay these subscription fees with our tax dollars.

The amusing thing is that Miller slammed Kohn back saying that he found it odd that Kohn, “a pro-business blogger,” would be against a business making money.

But the problem here is that when government is the one doing the paying, that isn’t real capitalism. That is redistribution of tax dollars, not “capitalism.”

So, when Miller (or anyone else, for that matter) is getting hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars for his “business,” he is not really engaging in capitalism. He is engaging in a socialist redistribution of wealth. That isn’t productive capitalism. That is destructive and wasted tax money.

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Chicago Math: Three is Only Two

-By Warner Todd Huston

On WLS AM 89 radio in Chicago political reporter Bill Cameron featured an interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that shows just why math is soooooo darn hard for politicians.

The interview was about Rahm trying to get hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to be set aside and wasted–er, bestowed–on a presidential library for Barack Obama.

In the radio clip Rahm says the following:

“I have been to both the Lincoln library, the Carter library down in Atlanta, President Clinton’s library in Little Rock, and seen the economic and cultural energy that’s created.”

So, Rahm has been to “both” of all three locations?

No wonder it is so hard for our Chicago politicians to understand that hard math stuff. When three only equals two, I guess we can see why so much money mysteriously disappears in Chicago.

I’d like to note that George W. Bush’s Presidential Library is funded by private sources. No tax dollars involved.

(Note on the WLS website, Bill Cameron helped Rahm out by editing out the “both” in Rahm’s quote in the written piece. But Rahm clearly says “both” on the sound clip aired by WLS. Even Cameron understood that the “both” made Rahm look bad, so Cameron made to help Rahm out by editing the quote to sound better. Thanks lapdog media.)

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Illinois Policy Institute Calls on President Obama to Reject Taxpayer Funding for Presidential Library

CHICAGO (April 17, 2014) – Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman released the following statement today in response to the Illinois legislature advancing a proposal to commit $100 million in taxpayer funds to a presidential library in Chicago honoring President Barack Obama:

“It is outrageous that the most prolific fundraiser in the history of mankind would even entertain the notion of forcing Illinois’ poor and middle class to subsidize his presidential library.

“The president should let it be known that he will not accept taxpayer dollars for his presidential library and will instead look to his many wealthy financial backers to donate the funds.

“What makes the proposal even more outrageous is the fact that Illinois’ Democratic leaders are preparing to raise taxes on all Illinoisans by voting to make their “temporary” 2011 state income tax increase permanent.

“It’s a sad reflection on Illinois’ political class that they’d deny working families much-needed tax relief to offer a president “pay to play” to come home.”

The Illinois Policy Institute is a nonpartisan research and education organization dedicated to making Illinois a beacon for liberty and prosperity for all citizens. As a leading voice for economic liberty and government accountability, the Institute engages policy makers, opinion leaders and citizens on the state and local level by promoting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives for a better Illinois. To learn more about the Institute or review policy briefs, please visit:

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Kane County GOP Convention Results‏

-By Allen Skillicorn

Tonight Republican Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen from all 16 Kane County Townships and the city of Aurora met at the Bliss Creek Golf Course in Sugar Grove to elect new leadership at the Bi-Annual Kane County Republican Convention. (

Citing a plea to unite the party and heal past internal conflict the Kane County Republicans elected a united leadership team of Chairman Thomas Hartwell (Kane County Clerk of The Circuit Courts), Treasurer Terry Hunt (Kane County Auditor), and Secretary Connie Von Keudell (President of the Kane County Women’s GOP). East Dundee Trustee Allen Skillicorn was appointed Vice Chairman. A popular theme of the evening was Illinois’ poor fiscal performance with Pat Quinn, Speaker Madigan, and the Democratic Party in control of Springfield. Kane County Republicans see electing Bruce Rauner as the first step in making Illinois competitive again.

“Every Kane County Republican wants to win elections. We all want a stronger economy and more jobs for Illinois. As Republicans we want every child to have a great education and to succeed at life. We would also do anything to protect our families. Kane County Republicans are united on these issues and look forward to turning around Illinois.” Said Vice Chairman Allen Skillicorn in his floor speech.

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2014 Illinois Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party Rally in St. Charles

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Illinois Tea Party ( held its sixth annual Chicago Tax Day Tea Party rally, but this year without the “Chicago” part as the group held their rally in the western suburbs. Specifically, the event was held in the Arcadia Theater in St. Charles where some 300 participants attended to hear candidates for office, activists, and patriotic music.

The April 15 rally targeted Obamacare and Senator Dick Durbin, of course, but mentions of the Illinois Republican Party, Sec. of Treasury candidate and establishment GOPer Tom Cross, and Senator Mark Kirk drew as many boos as the Democrats showing that grass roots conservatives have about had it with the feckless, powerless Illinois GOP.

Head of the Illinois Tea Party Denise Cattoni

Not all elected Republicans were opposed, though. One of the very first speakers introduced by Ill. Tea Party chief Denise Cattoni was State Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton. Ives, while not a dynamic speaker, had a great five-minute speech written up with her key point being that she was going to be troublesome to the state Republican Party. “I will continue to be troublesome, just as troublesome as possible in Springfield,” she said warming to her theme.

State Rep. Jeanne Ives

The first speaker was State Senator Jim Oberweis, who went on first so he could get to a fundraiser.

Candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Oberweis

Oberweis is running as an admitted “underdog” to ultra left-wing Senator Dick Durbin. Obie, as his supporters affectionately dub him, noted that we need to stop the extremism in Washington and made to whip the audience up to dump Durbin by having them repeat, “Millionaire. Career politician. Dick Durbin. Must Go!”

Congressional candidate for the 8th District Larry Kaifesh

One of the more dynamic speakers of the night was 8th District Congressional candidate Larry Kaifesh. A former Marine that was shocked and saddened by what he saw working in Washington D.C., Kaifesh reminded me a lot of Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service Agent and candidate for Congress in Maryland.

Kaifesh had it all together, knew what he wanted to say, had historical references on his side in the saying, and did it without stumbles, ums or ahs. If Kaifesh isn’t able to topple Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth from her undeserved post, I hope he runs for something else. I think this man would make a fantastic representative of we, the people.

WLS radio personality and conservative activist Dan Proft

WLS talk show host Dan Proft spoke, too, and really brought home just how far out of the mainstream Illinois has become by noting that every state surrounding the Land of Lincoln is doing quite well financially even though only recently all of them were collapsing under destructive Democrat regimes. Proft told the crowd to buck up because all those states were failing until new Republican majorities came to power and turned those states around in less than a decade. If it can happen there, he told the crowd, it can happen in Illinois.

Among the others that spoke were candidate for Attorney General Paul Schimpf, former candidate for State Treasurer Bob Grogin, long-time conservative activist and foe of teachers union Jack Roeser, McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser, healthcare insurance expect C. Steven Tucker, For The Good Of Illinois President Adam Andrzejewski, and the head of Americans for Prosperity-Illinois David From.

Jack Roeser

Candidate for Attorney General Paul Schimpf

Healthcare insurance expect C. Steven Tucker

For The Good Of Illinois President Adam Andrzejewski

Tea Partiers Rally Outside the theater…

Danielle Rowe and Paul Schimpf

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Minutemen and Grassroots Organizations to Hold ‘Save the American Worker’ Anti-Amnesty Rally April 22

From The Illinois Minuteman Project

Chicago, IL – The head of the Illinois Minuteman Project and former Republican candidate for Congress, Rosanna Pulido, announced that her group along with independent Tea Party groups and other grassroots organizations are holding a “SAVE THE AMERICAN WORKER RALLY” at 1:00 pm Tuesday, April 22, at the corner of Michigan and Van Buren Streets in downtown Chicago.

Pulido said the rally is being held to protest a gathering of Republican politicians, lobbyists, and corporate CEOs pushing amnesty for illegal aliens at the nearby Chicago Club that same afternoon. She commented, “It is outrageous that these fat-cat Republican millionaires and corporate CEOs are lobbying for amnesty to give work visas to tens of millions of illegal aliens, when Chicago-area unemployment is 9 percent[1] and twenty million Americans cannot find a job.”

“It’s no wonder that the lobbyists who organized the Chicago Club meeting called it ‘Immigration Reform Bottom-Line 2014’ because padding corporate bottom lines and adding to their enormous wealth is all they care about,” Pulido charged. “This shows how out of touch these country-club Republican elites are with the concerns of American middle class families whose real incomes have stagnated, and who are struggling to get by,” she added.

Pulido noted that Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Rauner, was one of the Chicago Club attendees and said he was certain to lose support of grassroots conservatives and Tea Party supporters because of his support for amnesty.

“House Democratic Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, recently said she would rather pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation with amnesty in 2014 than be elected Speaker of the House again,” Pulido said. “Conservatives should ask any Republican endorsing Nancy Pelosi’s number one legislative goal, why they call themselves Republican,” she added.

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Racist: Illinois Democrat Calls Bi-Racial Republican a ‘Half’ of a Minority

-By Warner Todd Huston

Aurora’s Democrat State Representative, Linda Chapa LaVia, decided to let her racist flag fly on the floor of the House earlier this week when she called a bi-racial Republican a”half” of a minority during a debate on her failed teachers union-backed attempt to harm Illinois’ charter schools.

Chapa LaVia was pleading with the minorities in the chamber telling them that only they really care about education in Illinois when she turned toward her right where Rep. John D. Anthony (R, Morris) was sitting whereupon she slammed him as only “half” a minority.

Of course, even by any measure of the left’s ideas of what a “minority” is ancestors wise Anthony fits the bill. He is part Africa and part Hispanic having a Puerto Rican background. He was a policeman and was elected as a Republican in 2013.

Ah, but there is Chapa LaVia’s racist clap trap coming into play, isn’t it? You see, merely being a Republican is enough for Chapa LaVia to claim that Anthony is only “half” a minority.

“Listen to me, minorities,” Chapa LaVia shrilly said. “I’m over here because we’re all over on this side of the aisle, right?” Then she motioned toward Rep, Anthony and said, “Wait! We have a half! We have a half!”

And you can just see the seething hatred on her face when she said “we have a ‘half,” too. Look at the hate on this creep’s face… (about 19 seconds into the video)

You can just see the hate and condescension on her face as soon as she indulged her racism.

This ignorant woman tried to apologize a little while later, but her apology was just a lie as it was one of those apologies that essentially reiterated the point while merely pretending to be an apology.

The bill that racist LaVia was trying to push through (House Bill 4237) failed 54 to 55 on the roll call vote–60 votes were needed for passage. It was little else but an attempt to help out the anti-education teachers unions and to hurt Illinois’ charter schools.

(H/T Champion News)

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Illinois Lawmakers Eyeing Statewide High School Sports Takeover

-By Benjamin Yount

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Legislature certainly does not want to administer the state’s high school chess tournament, but lawmakers wouldn’t mind getting a piece of the millions of dollars high school basketball and high school football bring in each year.

A plan heading to the Illinois House could begin a set of hearings that could end with a state takeover of the Illinois High School Association.

The IHSA is in charge of all high school sports and events, everything from football to girls’ volleyball to the annual high school journalism contest.

The organization, though it works with public schools, is a private nonprofit group.

And a revenue generating machine…

Read the rest at Illinois Review.

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Millionaire Sen. Dick Durbin Happy to Pay More for Food for Min Wage Hike And Wants to Force You To

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois’ millionaire Democrat Senator Dick Durbin says he’s happy to pay more for his food if workers get a hike in their minimum wage.

The super rich Durbin who makes far and away more than the average citizen in his state and who has a net worth of far more still, said hew would be pleased as punch to pay “a nickel more” for a hamburger if workers get more per hour than they do now.

So, this rich guy doesn’t mind paying more for food in a state that has the worst unemployment record in the country? He wants his own citizens to pay more for things when they can’t afford to get by now?

In fact, the very people who his policies have already helped ruin are living in a state that is in one of the worst financial conditions than nearly every state in nearly every category.

So, yeah, thanks you Dick for being so happy to pay more for everything. I’m glad you are flush enough with cash made off the backs of the people to offer to give more away.

But let ME speak for myself. I DO NOT want to pay more for my food and other items especially when your desire to force employers to pay a higher minimum wage will cost Illinois citizens even more jobs when we are already have worse unemployment than the rest of the country.

Thanks, pal.

Vote Jim Oberweis for Senate, folks. We need to get rd of this Durbin creep.

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Quinn: Make the Tax Increase Permanent or the Disabled and the Dying Get It

-By Dan Proft

On Wednesday, Governor Pat Quinn dressed up the demands of a hostage-taker into a state budget address—again.

In advance of the permanently temporary personal and corporate income tax increases he imposed on Illinois in 2011, Quinn argued that without the tax increases, social service providers would suffer.

In fact, he would see to it that they did.

Quinn’s less than subtle message to the human services community was that if they wanted to avoid seeing the invoices they submitted to the state for services rendered put into the permanently permanent pay-no-mind bin in the Governor’s office they best fall in line.

Quinn did not conjure up a darling cartoon character to deliver that message. He did it himself.

This is the same Pat Quinn who sanctioned an effort by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to insert themselves between parents and their developmentally disabled children….

See the rest at Illinois Opportunity Project.

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