Romney Wins Milton Township Straw Poll

Wheaton, Illinois GOP organizaion picks Romney for 2012…

Romney wins Milton Township straw poll (39%), Cain is second (32%), Gingrich third (11%), Perry fourth (8%); 66% of those who voted say they are conservative, 25% say they are moderate – Dave Diersen

Mitt Romney won the Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC) Oktoberfest straw poll Friday evening, October 28, at the Carlisle in Lombard.

187 of the 261 who attended the fundraiser voted in the poll.

Romney received 72 votes (39%)
Cain 60 (32%)
Gringrich 21 (11%)
Perry 16 (8%)
Paul 10 (5%)
Bachmann 3 (2%)
Huntsman 3 (2%)
Santorum 2 (1%)

124 (66%) of those who voted considered themselves to be conservative, 46 (25%) moderate, and 17 (9%) did not answer the optional survey question.

Dan Rutherford keynoted the event and Demetra DeMonte spoke. Liz Martinez spoke for Romney and Jon Zahm spoke for Cain. MTRCC Chairman Lori Carlson and MTRCC Vice Chairman Marty Keller conducted the outstanding event. Jean Austin sang the National Anthem. Herb Wehling and Ron Smith lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Corinne Allen gave the Invocation.

A team of nine DuPage Young Republicans headed up by Adam Johnson distributed the ballots which were printed courtesy of All Star Printing in Wheaton, collected them, and tabulated the votes. Mike Formento conducted the live auction. Attendees included Senators Dillard and Pankau; Representatives Connelly, Fortner, Nybo, Pihos, and Ramey; former gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft; DuPage County officials Berlin, Bucholz, Carlin, Eckhoff, Grogan, Henry, Kachiroubas, King, Larsen, McBride, O’Shea, Ruscitti, Whelan, Zaruba, and Zay; Milton Township officials Earl, Edwards, Falbo, Heidorn, Hinkle, Jensen, and Muehlfelt; Lisle Township GOP Chairman Mike Loftus; judges Austin, Birkett, French, Gibson, Jorgensen, Kleeman, and McKillip; local government officials Breen, Fitzpatrick, Ives, Murphy, Saake, and Sanguinetti; candidates Atkinson, Falbo, Hage, Jorgensen, Palomo, and Pershonek; and many others including Anderson, Carr, Caruso, Cherry, Connell, Connelly, Crane, Jacobsen, Kmiecik, Koch, Krzyzewski, Levan, Lofgren, Lollino, Marquardt, and Slinger.

Table sponsors were Bucholz, Carlson, Connelly, Crane/Connelly, Diersen, Dillard, Ellis, Hage, Heidorn, Hinkle, Holm/Pflederer, Keller, Larsen/Zay, Muehlfelt, Nybo, Pihos, Ruscitti/Henry, and Whelan.

Advertisers in the MTRCC 2011/2012 Directory included Berlin, Birkett, Bucholz, Carlson, Connelly, Cronin, Diersen, Dillard, Eckhoff, Edwards, Falbo, Fawell, Formento, Grogan, Heidorn, Henry, Hinkle, Ives, Jorgensen, Kachiroubas, Kmiecik, Larsen, Marquardt, McBride, McKillip, Molitor, Muehlfelt, Nybo, Olson, O’Shea, Pihos, Roskam, Ruscitti, Sanguinetti, Smith, Whelan, and Zaruba. Carlson, Formento, Hilton Indian Lakes, Holm, Lisle Hilton, and Saake contributed items for the live auction. Those who contributed items for the silent auction included Buelow, Eckhoff, Ives, Jensen, Keller, Krzyzewski, Larsen, Lollino, Muehlfelt, Al Murphy, Palma, and Sanguinetti.

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