Reps. Roskam, Hultgren on National Debt Reaching $15 Trillion

-By Warner Todd Huston

Congressmen Peter Roskam (R, 6th District) and Randy Hultgren (R, 14th District) issued statements on the shame of our nation’s national debt reaching $15 trillion.

Rep. Roskam (, also the Chief Deputy Whip of the House, issued the following:

“This is a sad day for our country and the latest wake-up call to Washington that it’s time to change the way business is done. Now more than ever we need to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to cut up Washington’s credit card – an opportunity the House will have later this week. If we don’t manage our debt now, our debt will forever manage us.

“America had an irresponsible amount of debt before 2009, yet President Obama’s policies have made things unmistakably worse. Since his inauguration the national debt has skyrocketed: $4.4 trillion added in under three years, a 41% increase. That level of fiscal irresponsibility not only hurts job growth in this economy, it also threatens future generations’ wellbeing. I urge President Obama and many congressional Democrats to reconsider their opposition to the bipartisan Balanced Budget Amendment – a proven tool that would stop Washington’s spending problem.”

Rep. Randy Hultgren ( also had a comment for public release.

“Today marks a sobering day in America, as our nation’s debt has reached an unprecedented $15 trillion,” said Hultgren. “This spending-driven debt crisis poses a grave threat to our country’s economic recovery, our national security and sovereignty, and the standard of living for future generations. Either we stop spending money we don’t have or we condemn our children and grandchildren to a bankrupt future they don’t deserve.

“This is why, tomorrow, I look forward to supporting a bold spending reform: a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Spending pledges, caps, and commitments are always temporary because we have no way to hold future Congresses accountable. That’s why we need the permanent solution that a Balanced Budget Amendment will provide.

“As Ronald Reagan said in 1982, ‘Only a constitutional amendment will do the job. We’ve tried the carrot, and it failed. With the stick of a Balanced Budget Amendment, we can stop government squandering, overtaxing ways, and save our economy.'”

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