Thanks Democrat Party: Illinois Tops 10% Unemployment

-By Warner Todd Huston

As the Land of Lincoln continues to circle the drain, a new report shows that Illinois has nudged over 10% unemployment. According to the Associated Press Illinois clocks in at 10.1% unemployment as of October putting the state above the national average of 9%.

We are the highest. Yaaaa, us.

Meanwhile, Illinois figures in at the bottom of nearly every category to measure economic growth.

So, we are losing businesses, we are losing jobs, we are losing population and what do the Democrats and our feckless accidental Governor Pat Quinn want to do? Why raise taxes and fees even higher, of course.

Anyone that votes for a Democrat is voting for the total destruction of Illinois.

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3 Responses to Thanks Democrat Party: Illinois Tops 10% Unemployment

  1. Cao says:

    I know of few democrats who aren’t on the socialist gravy train these days. There used to be patriotic ones like Zell Miller…but few of those old relics are in politics anymore. Everything has shifted to the left, and dragged republicans left, too. When I listen to republicans talk today, few adhere to all of the planks in the Republican platform. This is one of the reasons voters have become so disgusted they have stopped coming out to vote – because the candidates no longer represent their values.

    To me, voting for a democrat in any political race is a vote for destruction; and voting for republicans no longer means what it used to; which I think is one of the main reasons the tea party emerged.

    Republicans used to stand for low taxes; but they are just as responsible for the mess we’re in as Democrats.

  2. Tea Inclusion says:

    Agree w/ Cao.
    The Dem Party in America is EXTREME LEFT of what it once was. Yet I still see many Dems who (while not comfortable with the Left drift of their party) are not “free” to vote anything else.
    While back, the Leftist Media executed a rather effective campaign of demonizing the Tea Party; not so much the Republican Party. They knew what they were doing. Prior to that time, the Tea Party exported a much more “inclusive” demeanor to the American public. Much more a “Working class”, “common American”, “regular citizen” image. The Media tarnished that image and painted the Tea Party “Far Right”, not to mention “extreme”.
    The Tea Party must recognize this and counter mitigate through various effective strategies.

  3. Dennis says:

    You can’t “sell” socialism untril you “sell” the perception that capitalism doesn’t work. That’s why the Dem’s have been working (since the 2006 elections of Congress) on crippling capitalism. Throw in a little “blame the Republicans” and what do you get?? Exactly what we have.

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