Illinois Teacher Attacks Tax Reform Advocates With Name Calling in School Letter

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again a thuggish union official has used his ability to reach into our schools to push his partisan, anti-reform message on those public employees we call teachers and your tax dollars helped pay for it through his use of public facilities.

Last week the President of the Lake County Federation of Teachers used his ability to access the mailboxes of teachers at Zion-Benton Township High School to propagandize against efforts of local tax-reformers to fix the wild overspending of area school districts.

LCFT Prez Michael T. McGrue filled teachers mailboxes with a letter using a vile sexual reference to attack Tea Party opponents of big government spending and fearmongered at teachers telling them that tax reformers want to take away all their benefits and pensions. (Download .pdf of letter HERE)

Purportedly addressing his letter to “anti-tax zealots,” McGrue accused them of wanting to “take jobs away from the public sector” so that they could “keep more” for themselves. Naturally these are simply the hatemongering lies of an over paid union thug desperate to make sure that he can keep the riches of which he’s become accustomed.

One has but to remember the recent blockbuster stories about union thug and Director of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, Steven Preckwinkle, who along with his fellow unionista David Piccioli, it was discovered had not only ripped off the state of Illinois for millions in unearned state pension payments, but also arranged for all his kids and some of his relatives to get a free education at state universities. All off the backs of the taxpayers.

This is the sort of corruption you get when your government allows its employees to unionize, for sure.

One candidate in the area, though, is not ignoring this outrageous ignorance exhibited by a tax-paid union chieftain. Lennie Jarratt, a State Senate candidate for the 31st district, has made some comments about this incident.

Jarratt, it should be noted, has been an active school reform activist in north western Illinois for sometime.

Jarratt has sent out the following press release:

(Round Lake Beach, IL – December 11, 2011) Lennie Jarratt responds to the attack on the parents, taxpayers, teachers, school board members, and businesses of Zion-Benton High School District 126 by Lake County Federation of Teachers President Mike McGue.

“Someone needed to respond to Mr. McGue. His attack on the citizens of the Zion-Benton area was excessive and uncalled for. He has chosen his personal agenda and political influence over the needs of the families and businesses of Zion, Winthrop Harbor, Beach Park and Wadsworth.”, Jarratt said.

Dear Anti-Taxpayer Democratic Activist Mike McGue,

Teachers deserve a fair wage and the Zion-Benton District 126 offer of 10% over the next three years is a generous offer given the current financial difficulties of Lake County, the State of Illinois and our entire country. This offer is extremely generous with the fact that the district pays the entire 10.3753% into the Teacher Retirement System on top of the salary.

A few facts that may help you understand the true financial problems facing the families and businesses of District 126:

Businesses and families are leaving Lake County and the State of Illinois. Yet we have people like you, Mr. McGue, calling people names and making personal attacks. You are even using your position as LCFT President and your relationship with the Benton Teacher Union President, your wife Corrine, to bully and intimidate the District 126 community.

I am running for State Senate to promote the change of public policy to help families and businesses instead of the politics
of personal destruction that people like you use. Families and businesses are losing their jobs and homes. They cannot afford to keep cutting back because school boards are bullied into a contact that rewards the teachers at the top end of the pay scale while harming those at the bottom.

I would like to suggest a solution to help the teachers at the bottom of the pay scale. Have the teachers at the top end of the pay scale like your wife whose compensation was over $92,0004 last year get smaller raises over the next 3 years. Use the additional monies to share with those younger, struggling teachers making under $40,000 so they can get more than 10% over the next 3 years. This will help those teachers pay their college loans.

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