Rep. Walsh Votes to Create Economic Certainty

From the office of Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

“The time to solve this problem is now, not next year”

WASHINGTON- Today, Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) voted to proceed with House Republicans’ full-year extension of the payroll tax holiday.

Walsh stated:

“The American people are tired of short term approaches that just kick the can down the road. We were elected to office to create certainty, create jobs, and get this fiscal house in order. The time to solve this problem is now, not next year.

“It is outrageous that Majority Leader Reid and his fellow Democrats refuse to pass a yearlong payroll tax holiday for the American people, simply because they do not want to interrupt their own holiday and return to DC. The two month extension passed by the Senate is unworkable and outside business groups have reiterated that it will hurt, not help, small businesses and job creation.

“The House recently passed a full-year extension of the payroll tax holiday, but President Obama and the Senate have held up this bill. Just yesterday the President blamed the Tea Party, singling me out by name, for putting us in this position. The situation we are now in has nothing to do with the Tea Party. We are in this situation because the President’s policies have destroyed job creation in this country, and that is why we have to extend unemployment insurance and the payroll tax holiday. This shows just how out of touch the President is.

“As Chairman of the Small Business Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access, I know first-hand that a two-month extension of the payroll tax holiday will only hurt small businesses, as it will add to the growing economic uncertainty in this country. I hope the Senate and the President will return from their holidays, and come back to Washington D.C. and do their jobs.”

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