Andrew Palomo Out, 2nd Congressional Candidate for 8th District Drops Out

-By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Palomo is the now the second GOP candidate to pull out of the race for the GOP nomination for the newly redrawn 8th District taking the race from four candidates to now only two.

Palomo had made some good headway with several of the Tea Party groups in the new 8th, but with the switch of Joe Walsh from running in the 14th Disrict (as he initially announced he would) to running in the new 8th, Palomo was faced with fighting a sitting Congressman in a primary, always a daunting task.

So, Palomo saw his path to the nomination complicated by the about face of current 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh who had originally announced that he’d run in a primary against sitting 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren. Walsh announced in a late decision that he would instead run again in the newly redrawn 8th, a District that Democrats had purposefully redrawn to cast him out of Congress.

Palomo’s departure leaves two candidates in the race for the 8th. They are Richard Evans and current 8th District Rep., Joe Walsh.

Following is Palomo’s press release announcing his withdrawal.

Andrew Palomo Withdraws From 8th Congressional GOP Race

Andrew Palomo decides not to seek nomination for U.S. Congress in the New 8th District in Illinois.

I am suspending my campaign for the Republican nomination to run for the 8th Congressional District of Illinois. I am forever humbled and inspired by the efforts of all those who have contributed time, travel, labor, and money to support my candidacy. It is awesome to see the support for commonsense ideals come together in so many ways.

I choose to remain committed to the Republican Party, and divert my efforts to assist the party in the upcoming general election. We have qualified candidates running at all levels that are best served by conserving resources and concentrating efforts on the Democratic opponents. That is where my energy will be directed.

The future of the 8th district lies in its’ people, and we must do our best to educate and inspire the citizenry. The ideology we represent is based in truth and honesty and from that only good can arise.

Thank you, God Bless America.

Andrew G. Palomo

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