McSweeney Drops Objections to Rowe’s Petitions

-By Warner Todd Huston

Early in December, 52nd District candidate for State Rep. David McSweeney announced his decision to challenge the nominating petitions of incumbent Kent Gaffney and newcomer candidate Danielle Rowe. Today, McSweeney has announced that he is dropping efforts to challenge Rowe’s petitions, though he is continuing his challenge of Gaffney’s.

This from the McSweeney campaign:

McSweeney Campaign to No Longer Pursue Rowe Objection

“After a discussion with Lake County Republican Chairman Bob Cook, I have made the decision to no longer pursue the objection to Danielle Rowe’s petitions. While the vast majority of our objections have been sustained during the preliminary review process, it is clear that the final outcome will be close if we continue to vigorously pursue the objections. Therefore, in the interest of time and minimizing legal fees, we will suspend any further activities on this case” said David McSweeney.

Statement by Bob Cook
“I applaud the decision by the McSweeney campaign to no longer pursue the objection to the Rowe petitions. David McSweeney is doing the right thing and the electoral process should go forward. I think it is important for the voters to have an opportunity to select the best candidate.

“I also want this to be a clean, fair, and legal campaign. Therefore, since I’m also aware that Dan Proft, John Tillman, Pat Hughes and Matt Besler have been coordinating with the Rowe campaign. I call on them to not sponsor any independent expenditures in this race. I also call on the other candidates in the race to not coordinate with any independent expenditure efforts.”

“Candidates for office should run on the issues and they should focus on running above board campaigns,” said Bob Cook Lake County Republican Chairman.
McSweeney continued, “My campaign is continuing to make solid progress in building grassroots support and raising money. We will have the necessary resources to continue to wage a successful campaign. My message of lower taxes, less spending and true reform is clearly resonating with the hard working residents of the 52nd District.”

The McSweeney Campaign is still actively pursuing its objections to Kent Gaffney’s petitions.

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