Chris Lauzen Gets Fitzgerald Endorsement for Kane Board Chair Race

-By Warner Todd Huston

Former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald has announced his endorsement of Chris Lauzen in his race for the GOP Chairmanship of the Kane County Board this week. Lauzen is currently the State Senator for the 25th District and is not running for reelection.

Peter Fitzgerald served in Washington as our Illinois Senator for one term ending in 2005 and was one of the chief influences in getting current U.S. States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (no relation) placed in that position.

Senator Fitzgerlad, an Illinois State Senator prior to his service in D.C., was well known as a maverick in office often bucking the national Republican Party and charting his own way in office. Fitzgerald was, for instance, the only Senator to oppose the airlines bailouts in 2001 asking, “who will bail out the American taxpayer?”

Fitzgerald has gone back to his family business of investment banking as Chairman of the Chain Bridge Bank in McClean, Virginia.

Below is the text of his announcement, but the original letter can be seen at the McHenry County Blog.

Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen is running for Kane County Board Chairman. His credentials as fiscal conservative, pro-life, pro-Constitution including 2nd Amendment rights, and pro-traditional family are impeccable. Senator Lauzen has served the people of Kane County with distinction for 19 years.

We first served together in 1993, as two of the “Fab Five” freshmen state senators who came from various business backgrounds and demonstrated independent thinking. We successfully co-sponsored Truth-in-Pensions that took three years to pass both chambers of the legislature and Truth-in-Budgets that took five years to pass before Governor Jim Edgar signed it into law. Senator Lauzen has built a solid reputation, on both sides of the partisan aisle, of being highly-principled and consistently well-prepared.

This is the season when some ordinary candidates make unsupported claims but Lauzen wins elections by effectively mobilizing enthusiastic grassroots volunteers and serves well by keeping his word and bringing proven experience that we can trust. His track record of strong personal relationships, principled leadership, legislative acumen, proven financial and management experience will be essential in ordder to serve citizens of Kane County effectively.

Chris’ message and commitment to freezing the tax levy during times of declining property values, treating all people — not just “insiders” — with respect, and competent administration of county business through innovation and austerity are especially timely. He is truly the “reform” candidate.

It is because of his honesty, work ethic and proven commitment to traditional conservative values that I enthusiastically endorse State Senator Chris Lauzen and his intention to run for Kane County Board Chairman.

Very truly yours,
Peter Fitzgerald

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