ILL GOP Turning Back on Liberal Republican from DesPlaines?

-By Warner Todd Huston

55th District State Representative Rosemary Mulligan is a bit miffed at the GOP House leadership under Rep. Tom Cross. It appears he’s backing her GOP challenger in the upcoming primaries instead of her. And Mulligan is the incumbent, yet. But who’s fault is this? Not Cross’, for sure.

At fist glance one is tempted to see this as yet another example of the Illinois GOP in disarray, but don’t let that first glance deceive you. Leader Cross, you see, seems to be angling to be rid of a liberal Republican in the person of Rep. Mulligan and trying to get someone else in her stead. Cross is supporting the write-in candidacy of Susan Sweeney.

Rosemary Mulligan is not a conservative, to be sure. Last year, for instance, she was one of only three Republicans to vote against concealed carry law (the other two being Mathias and Durkin). Not only is Mulligan opposed to Second Amendment rights, but she also is a pro-abortion supporter. She’s been consistently backed by the pro-abortion Personal PAC as well as Planned Parenthood in the past. Not to mention that the Unions love her.

The United Republican Fund ranked Mulligan as low as a 30 on its conservative rating chart.

But leader Cross’ support of another candidate is not as blatant as you might think. You see this is Mulligan’s fault in the first place. As it happens, Rep. Mulligan had to withdraw her petition for office (yes, even though she’s the incumbent) because she could not get enough signatures on her nominating petitions.

Mulligan has since filed as a write-in candidate. But even with that as an incumbent she muffed her chance to run with the party’s support. Cross’ office reports that Mulligan never let her intentions to file as a write-in be known by party leaders. So, they backed someone else.

Ridiculously enough, Mulligan has filed as a write-in in both the 20th and the 55th Districts. This woman is all over the map, here.

So, Cross is backing Park Ridge resident Susan Sweeney. She has been the recording secretary of the Park Ridge Republican Women’s Club.

The final thing to note here is that we might about to be rid of a liberal Republican that is supported by radical supporters of abortion and unions. And Tom Cross helped to do that if it comes to fruition. Kudos to Mr. Cross for that. That’s right, folks, Cross didn’t take a Mulligan with this one. (You may groan now)

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