Illinois to Make YOU Pay for Electric Cars You Don’t Want

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sales of electric cars and hybrid vehicles are not good. No one wants them. But the overlords at the State Capitol know better than you Illinoisans do, apparently. They are bound and determined to shove them down your throats and make you pay for the privilege. A new state panel has decided that you need to pay more on your license fees to bankroll a new state program that will give your money to buyers of such vehicles in rebates and subsidies regardless that no one wants them.

Oh, but the Electric Vehicle Advisory Council, an important “panel” for sure, is positive that “100,000 electric vehicles” will be on Illinois roads by 2015 and panel members have a plan to make that happen which includes everything except a way to make car buyers actually want to buy electric vehicles. (See the committee’s report HERE)

Nice going, bureaucrats.

Catch this line of nonsense from a story in the Pantagraph:

Kate Tomford, an energy specialist at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity who chaired the committee, said the group chose an “aggressive” goal to signal to the electric car industry that Illinois is serious about expansion.

What’s the problem with Ol’ Katie’s premise? Only that government is not what makes car sales. Consumers do and they don’t give a rip about what “incentives” governments offer. If they don’t want the product they won’t buy the product despite what high-minded government planners try to make them do.

This s a capitalist society, Mz Tomford, not a centrally planned, socialist system.

What we have here is another giant waste of the energies of our government and in a state that ranks at the bottom of nearly every list of economic indicators, in a state with a pension bomb that is on a slow burn to destroying her, in a state where over the top government spending has already led to ruin, this state “panel” wants to force citizens to pay more for “benefits” no one wants. What a way to repair the state of decay Illinois is experiencing.

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