Lauzen and Surges ‘Pay-to-Play’ Accusations Are Without Merit

-By Ghost of John Brown Illinois Review

The English translation of what the original Chumash Indian tribe called the Los Angeles area is “Valley of Smoke”. The low basins and dust made Los Angeles look like it was on fire when it wasn’t. The same can be said of political attacks: smoke, when there is no fire.

With some interest I have been watching the accusations from both the Lauzen and Surges campaign regarding “Pay to Play” politics in government with consultants. This State DOES have a problem with pay to play and corruption. During the Blagojevich administration, the pay to play in regards to consultant contracts were endemic. Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Democrats, it happens with Republicans too, trust me, I’ve seen it.

However, over the last several weeks, the Lauzen campaign first made a series of accusations against the current Kane County administration, and now the Cliff Surges campaign has made similar accusations. Note the “hey, I’m not saying it’s illegal, but ooooohhh boy this is bad, bad, bad” form of the accusation.

I’m a consultant – proudly. Sorry, I can’t sit back silently while my industry is defamed like this…

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One Response to Lauzen and Surges ‘Pay-to-Play’ Accusations Are Without Merit

  1. Carl Brunzynski says:

    Mr. Ghost,

    Have you seen the nineteen pages of read out of the Karen McConnaughay donations and the link to Illinois corporate agent and principal records?

    It is more “endemic” than the state history. And Ms. McConnaughay’s reaction is nothing new. In fact, even after the Sun Times Beacon wrote a story entitled “Karen’s Casino Connections” and the Daily Herald published a list of repetitive donor/contractors in 2010.

    Unless you print out the Citizens for McConnaughay (I would welcome any reader of this blog to read the campaign finance records for Citizens for McConnaughay from 2003) they will reach their own conclusions.

    This is not new news Ghost. This is old news. And factual. See below