Hultgren/Roskam On the Path to Prosperity Budget, Tax Reform

-Warner Todd Huston

Republican Congressmen Peter Roskam (6th District) and Randy Hultgren (14th District) announced their support of the new budget proposed by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan today.

Hultgren noted that the Democrats have now gone over 1,000 days without bothering to observe their most important constitutional duty to pass a budget. In fact, Democrats haven’t even proposed one much less passed one.

America stands on the precipice of a debt-fueled crisis, with future generations facing the grim prospect of a Greece-like fiscal calamity,” said Hultgren. “I commend Chairman Ryan’s hard work on a budget proposal that provides a blueprint for putting our country back on the right track through cutting spending, shrinking the size of government, getting Americans back to work, and reforming our tax code. It does this with a firm commitment to our future while protecting our seniors, veterans, and those struggling to make ends meet. I look forward to seeing this proposal come to the House floor for a vote, and I hope the Senate will follow our lead and pass a budget of its own for the first time in more than 1,000 days.

For his part, Congressman Roskam was on Fox News talking about the proposal.


On the Budget Preventing the “Most Predictable” Debt Crisis:

“Look, to Paul’s point this is the most predictable event in history. That is the debt crisis of the United States if we don’t act. And for the Democrats to be doing cartwheels in the parking lot is completely absurd. It has been since the governor of my home state Rod Blagojevich was indicted since they last passed a budget. So I think the country is road weary of the nonsense and the sniping. They want remedies and this is a remedy that moves forward.”

“[The budget] creates a buoyancy in terms of tax reform, a buoyancy in terms of living within our means, and ultimately it says we are not going to fall into the nonsense of spending money we don’t have any more.”

On Tax Reform in The Path to Prosperity Budget:

“I think tax reform is a way to move forward. There is nobody who can defend the status quo as it relates to taxes. The United States is poised to have the second highest corporate tax in the world and what we are seeing is an adverse impact. Companies are not bringing cash back to the United States and they’re deploying it overseas. So what we’re saying is let’s lower this corporate tax rate, let’s lower the rate for individuals, get rid of the six tax brackets that we currently have at the individual level, and simplify it and move it to two rates. I think that is the type of clarity that the American public is longing for. They want to see the Whitehouse lead on these issues. The White House has chosen not to lead unfortunately, and so we are putting forth a proposal that is robust, and dynamic, and makes sense as ultimately a pathway back towards economic growth.”

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