Oltmanns: Scandal in Dixon, Illinois, My Birth Town

-By Zachary S. Oltmanns

Almost 22 years ago, I was born in the same hometown as Ronald Reagan, Dixon, IL. Tuesday, that title became a little less proud. That was the day long time Comptroller Rita Crundwell was arrested by FBI agents for allegedly stealing over $30 million over the past six years. I was shocked and appalled by the news that someone was able to steal that kind of money and not be caught sooner. Thirty million dollars is a lot of money to any community, especially one with only 15,000 citizens. This alleged fraud was the equivalent to a combined $1,900 per taxpayer over the last six years

People want to know how this could have happened. A couple of thoughts have came to my mind. One problem I see is the lack of turnover in Dixon politicans. Mayor Jim Burke, a donor to Democrats such as Dick Durbin and Bill Foster, has been in office since 1999 and has been questioned about his own corruption in the past. Mayor Burke is also the owner of Burke Realty. In 2010 Henry Pratt Company had an old factory structure for sale for $600,000. However, Burke Realty was able to buy the Henry Pratt Company building for $27,000. Convenient, isn’t it? There have been other instances of the city and Burke Realty holding hands in business…

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2 Responses to Oltmanns: Scandal in Dixon, Illinois, My Birth Town

  1. Phillip lefevre says:

    Zach paints a totally distorted image of Dixon Mayor, Jim Burke. Burke in his 12 years in office has turned Dixon into a thriving community . Before Burke took office in 1999 the town was dying a slow death! The downtown was a shambles, business development at the I 88 interchange was non-existent, and the feelings of the citizens was on of “something has to change .” Since Burke has been mayor He has brought in 3 industries to the I 88 interchange, 4 restaurants are now at the intersection as ate 3 motels, a shopping mall and a big truck stop! All since Butke has been in in office . And you want to know the real truth ? Burkes real estate business worked on getting to of the industries to build there and the Super-Walmart and he declined to take a dime for commission! Yes these we’re his real estate gigs and Burke took not one penny for all the hard work he did for those projects . Dixon’s downtown is now alive , vibrant with 13 restaurants, 4 of which you would expect to see around Chicago ,not Dixon. The downtown now also has two venues for fine arts, 2 book stores, coffee shops and an exciting new riverfront called Heritage Crossing. Also, the town “arts” culture is expanding tremendously . There is now even a downtown arts festival every second Saturday of each month downtown. Burke has had his hand in all of this growth; not his hand in the city’s money pot. So , Zach your image of Dixon’s mayor is illegitimate and grossly negative propaganda!

    • Keith Gerback says:

      Phil are you High or one of the co-conspiriters? the town has lost 3000 people in the last few census reports. Tons of jobs gone, (walmart does not count as a real job sorry. The prisoners dont count in the population either.} People from out of the area avoid Dixon. No one dare drive dowtown after dark. Mayor Butke, as you call him in your rant above , Said on the ch. 8 news He was upset to find the money missing cause “we coul have hired 10 or 15 more people on city jobs.” IT IS not the Job of government just to see how big we can make government. REAGAN would be Pissed.there