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This week, Champion Talk Radio welcomes Claire Van Horn and Marilyn Dent of Honest Elections Illinois. Claire is the founder of the DuPage Tea Party and Marilyn is co-founder of the Tri-County Tea Party. Both groups are active in educating the public and working for candidates whom we feel have “tea party” and thus “American” values. Thet believe in the three main tenets of the “Tea Party” movement which are Limited Government, Low Taxes, and the Free Market system.

Click here to read more about these two leaders and about Honest Elections Illlinois.


Property tax cap first, pension shift second: Every $100 of extra cost puts your home out of reach of more potential buyers. Therefore, shifting pension responsibility without a freeze on property taxes will destroy Illinois property values for a generation. The answer is simple. Freeze property taxes first, shift the pensions second and squeeze the fat and excessive debt out of local government.

Six Chicagoans Indicted in Alleged $400K Medicare Conspiracy: A home health care agency in suburban Lincolnwood, two nurses who are part owners of the company, a third nurse affiliated with them, and two marketers were indicted on federal charges for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks in exchange for the referral of Medicare patients for home health care services, federal law enforcement officials announced today. Defendants allegedly conspired to pay and receive approximately $400,000 in kickbacks to themselves, nurses, marketers, and others for the referral and retention of Medicare patients that enabled Goodwill to bill Medicare approximately $5 million.

State workers retiring early as talk of pension cuts loom: State workers long have felt secure based in the belief that they had ironclad pension deals with the state. They thought pension benefits could not be reduced once they are achieved, and that it would be even tougher once they are retired. The legal argument is based on language in the 1970 Illinois Constitution. But policymakers in Illinois and across the nation are beginning to rethink what is legal, what is possible and how to get around what workers still think are surefire pension guarantees.


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