Cook GOP Launches Election Integrity Program

CHICAGO, IL – Cook County Republican Party Chairman Aaron Del Mar announced today the creation of the Cook County Election Integrity Committee. This committee, created in July, is focused on appointing Republican Election Judges to over 8000 Election Judge openings that must be filled before each election in Cook County and Chicago. About 40% of these positions have been vacant and remain to be filled before the November election.

“The Cook County Democrats are widely-known for the creative ways in which they ‘earn’ additional votes for their candidates, and it’s time we took serious steps to combat that creativity and ensure a fair election process for all candidates,” said Chairman Del Mar, detailing the reasoning for the new committee. “This committee, with the full backing and cooperation of the leadership team of the Cook County Republican Party as well as Chicago Republican Party Chairman Adam Robinson, is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary to carry out our mission, even if that means taking legal action.”

Chairman Del Mar has appointed Sharon Meroni as Chair of the committee, as well as Evelyn Reid and Trudy Barrie as Vice Chairs. Meroni is Founder and Director of Defend the Vote, a non-partisan organization that focuses on election security and empowers citizens to protect elections. Reid, a US Army veteran, has vast political experience on both the local and national level. Barrie is a passionate grassroots activist who started the Conservative Social Club. Cook County Republican Party General Counsel Christine Svenson will serve on the committee and handle all related legal matters.

Committee Chair Meroni commented: “We are focused on identifying and recruiting qualified Republican Election Judges. That means not only will we be filling empty positions, but we will also be replacing Election Judges with a clear history of supporting Democrats in elections. We will also be seeking out irregularities and security lapses in voting procedures in order to ensure a fair voting process. This is an unprecedented initiative within Cook County and Chicago, and I want to thank Chairman Del Mar and Chairman Robinson for their leadership and commitment.”

About the Cook County Republican Party:
The Cook County Republican Party coordinates the Republican Party’s efforts in the largest county in Illinois and the 2nd largest in the nation. Led by Chairman Aaron Del Mar, the Palatine Township Republican Committeeman elected in 2012 to head the County GOP, the Cook County Republicans are working to build a presence in Chicago while strengthening their standing in the suburbs in order to elect leaders who believe in the foundational principles of the Republican Party, namely fiscal responsibility, personal accountability and limited government.

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