Emanuel’s Misplaced Priorities on Display at DNC

From the Chicago Republican Party…

Despite a looming teacher’s strike and soaring violent crime, Rahm Emanuel abdicated his mayoral duties today so he could act as the President’s character witness at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Mayor Emanuel failed to address the crises facing Chicago in his speech. He choose not to use his national platform to propose solutions to the issues of violent inner city crime or urban education reform. Rather, the Mayor decided it was more important to use his time to repeat tired, old Democratic talking points.

“First we learn that 50 Chicago police officers were sent to Charlotte when they could have been deployed to hard hit communities in our city,” said Chicago GOP vice-chairman and spokesman, Chris Cleveland. “Then, the Mayor ignores crime victims, teachers, parents and students by skipping town at a time of crisis to deliver a political speech full of empty rhetoric.”

“The mayor needs get his priorities straight by putting the people of Chicago first and his political aspirations last,” said Cleveland.


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