Dem. Brad Schneider’s Lie About Dold in Latest Ad

-By Warner Todd Huston

Democrat Brad Schneider is so desperate to beat Congressman Robert Dold in November that he’s resorted to a lie in his latest video ad running on Chicago television.

In this ad, Schneider claims that the Houston Chronicle calls Robert Dold a “tea party loyalist.” But the truth is the Chronicle did no such thing

Brad Schneider is an outright liar.

Here is what the Chronicle actually said:

Rep. Robert Dold, R-Ill.

Joe Walsh is not the only Illinois Republican in trouble. Four tea party loyalists were targeted by Democrats who control the legislature. Robert Dold, a freshman from the Chicago area, was placed in a Democratic district represented by liberal Rep. Jan Schakowsky. He moved to the neighboring district where most of his current constituents live. His race with management consultant Brad Schneider is highly competitive. The fate of the Illinois Five could depend on the margin of President Barack Obama’s victory in his home state.

Now, the Chronicle should be knocked for terrible writing, for sure. But a clear look at that paragraph reveals that they did not call Dold a tea party loyalist.

Here is what the Chronicle was saying..

“Joe Walsh is not the only Illinois Republican in trouble.” In other words, the Democrats are targeting more than just Walsh in Illinois.

“Four tea party loyalists were targeted by Democrats who control the legislature.” A straight out claim based on what the Illinois Democrat Party did during redistricting last year.

Then the Chronicle goes on to talk about the Dold/Schneider race. The paragraph ends with this:

“The fate of the Illinois Five could depend on the margin of President Barack Obama’s victory in his home state.”

Notice the Chronicle is now talking about five, not four Republicans as they did in the beginning the paragraph. Notice they never specifically called Dold a Tea Party guy. Notice they end talking about the five Republicans being targeted after saying that “four tea party loyalists” were targeted by Illinois Democrats in the redistricting process.

And what were the four Republicans that Illinois Democrats think are tea party guys? Joe Walsh, Don Manzullo, Randy Hultgren, and Bobby Schilling. Not Dold.

Dold is not a tea party guy. He’s never been a tea party guy. Not one tea party group claims him as one of their own. In fact, most tea party groups in Illinois do not like Robert Dold. Does Freedomworks support him? Sure. But that means nothing because compared to the extremist, left-wing Schneider, any Republican — even a mushy moderate like Dold — is someone Republicans would support. Dold is the only choice, so of course Freedomworks would say that citizens of the 10th District should vote for Dold.

So, Brad Schneider lied. The Houston Chronicle did not call Dold a “tea party loyalist.” And Dold isn’t one whether the Chronicle would have or not.

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