Duckworth Lies to Voters at Tonight’s Debate

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

Denies VA lawsuit against her, despite clear evidence to the contrary

Tonight, AM560 WIND and WCPT hosted the first and only in-district debate between Congressman Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth. Many issues were debated including Medicare, the debt, ObamaCare and education. In addition, Walsh pressed Tammy Duckworth on her tenure at the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), which included 12 violations from the Inspector General and illegal use of a government vehicle.

Going further, Walsh brought to light an ongoing lawsuit from DVA employees that charge Duckworth with wrongful termination and public humiliation. In the case, the Plaintiff filed a complaint against a supervisor for allowing political campaigning on VA property. Duckworth received the complaint and subsequently terminated the employee who made the complaint and allegedly instructed the other Plaintiff to “keep her mouth shut” and she could keep job.

Duckworth denied Walsh’s claim that she is currently being sued, but court documents prove an ongoing lawsuit against Tammy Duckworth, where it’s alleged Duckworth “intentionally humiliated” one employee and threatened the other’s job.

Walsh later stated, “I was truly hoping we could have a serious debate where we could discuss all the issues. While Ms. Duckworth stuck to her talking points, I tried to make clear to voters how I would get us back on a fiscally responsible path and get Americans back to work.”

Walsh concluded “However what really concerned me is that tonight Ms. Duckworth lied to every voter in the 8th district. When I asked if she was being sued for terminating and humiliating employees that tried to expose political corruption, she said that was not true. Unfortunately for Ms. Duckworth and the taxpayer, who is footing her legal bill for the past three years, she is currently being sued and she should come clean about what happened during her time at the Illinois VA.”

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2 Responses to Duckworth Lies to Voters at Tonight’s Debate

  1. Scott Casper says:

    You’re just repeating Joe Walsh’s lie. I was there. Tammy did NOT say she was not being sued, she just refused to play Joe’s games at his low, degrading level. She even took the high road and refused to bring up, yet again, that Joe had to go to court to settle support of his own children.

    The truth is that Tammy smashed down Joe’s ridiculous — ridiculous to the point that the audience laughed at him when we weren’t booing — assertions at every turn, responding with common sense answers that Joe seems totally incapable of comprehending.

    • Warner Todd Huston says:

      “I” am not “repeating” anything. This is Joe’s press release. If you have such a problem reading simple English, how can I believe what you claim you “saw”?