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Tune in Sunday morning to WIND AM 560 and learn how IRR PAC and the Tea Party are all working to achieve the same goal…. Save Our State and Fire Michael Madigan. The guests will be

Jim Edwards, Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC Executive Director

Leading the way to Victory with IRR PAC….. Selecting principled candidates that will bring integrity back to Illinois politics is critical to the State of our State. Republicans need 6 house seats and 6 senate seats to be rid of 1 Michael Madigan

Dana Pelan, Illinois Tea “lets mobilize” Campaign

Discusses the initiative to elect 6 House candidates and 6 Senate candidates that Illinois TEA has identified as even or leading in the polls.

Weekly Story Highlights

Debate for the 8th: Walsh vs Duckworth

In the only in district debate between Congressman Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth. Joe Walsh brought out the the failures of Duckworth while running the Illinois Veterans Administration. In fact he disclosed that Duckworth has been sued for wrongful termination by 2 staffers, one of which was the whistle blower of inappropriate campaigning in the office. Duckworth claimed this was false. Walsh, produced the court documents to prove his claim. Below are the scanned documents provide by Cong. Walsh.

Roeser Calls Out IL Despot Mike Madigan for Usurping 52nd District Race Where No Democrat Is Running

“Residents looked forward to a race of ideas here in the 52nd District with a Republican and Independent candidate each leaning on their respective experiences to discuss how to rescue Illinois from its dire financial condition. Unfortunately, Mike Madigan, ruler of Illinois for over 30 years and the man most responsible for the desolation of our once great state, has usurped the potential of this campaign and taken over the Independent candidate’s race with nearly two hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions, misleading advertisements, negative mailers, and Democrat staffers,” Roeser lamented.

For The Good Of Illinois PAC Chairman Adam Andrzejewski & Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross To Announce “SAVE ILLINOIS TAXPAYERS” Pledge

87% demand an adversarial audit of all spending; 77% say freeze property taxes; 72% want it illegal for property taxes to increase when home values fall. 94% believe that government spending involves waste, mis-management and corruption.

Dee Beaubien, Michael Madigan, and Terry Cosgrove Attempt Distraction from Their Failed Records

Michael Madigan and his friends, along with the Democratic Party have dumped more than $200,000 into Dee Beaubien’s campaign coffers. Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC has joined in to make a trio of deception and distraction. The Beaubien campaign still attempts to deceive the public that she is an “Independent”. As the records show, she is just another extreme liberal aligned with the most corrupt and extreme elements in the Democratic Party.

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