More Trouble For Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

-By Warner Todd Huston

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. is having even more troubles in his little world. First he disappeared from public view without notice earlier this year. Then it was revealed that he was in rehab, or maybe it was under care of a doctor for cracking up, or something, no one really could tell. Then his family said he was suffering “exhaustion.” Next the family changed that saying he was being treated for “bi-polar problems.” Then he put his D.C. house up for sale launching speculation that as soon as he won re-election he was going to quit Congress (And I still maintain that this is what he’ll do, showing the contempt he has for the voters).

Oh, but now there’s more.

New reports have emerged this week that the feds are again investigating Jackson for misusing campaign funds.

Now, Gawker is reporting that the congressman who it is rumored to be an alcoholic has been seen at several D.C. bars this week.

It absolutely looks like Jesse Jackson, Jr. in in full blown melt down these days.

And yet… and yet the morons that call themselves Democrats will still vote for this philandering, drunken, thief come November. This is exhibit number one why Democrats can neither be trusted (both Dem. voters AND their elected officials) nor are they truly American.

Lastly, since when is the comma before “jr.” to be done away with in writing these days? I have been seeing Jackson’s name written thus: Jesse Jackson Jr.

Is it just lazy writing? When did we do away with the comma before Sr. or Jr.?

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