Duckworth Violates FEC Laws – Fails to Disclose by Transparency Deadline

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

As of the October 15 filing deadline, Tammy Duckworth had not fully disclosed her fundraising for the July through September fundraising period. The Federal Election Commission requires all candidates’ committees disclose their fundraising activities each quarter. The Duckworth campaign instead only released their September totals without July’s and August’s activities at the deadline.

Congressman Walsh stated, “This looks to be another instance where Tammy Duckworth thinks the rules don’t apply to her. Whether she’s unlawfully taking two homestead exemptions in Illinois while living in DC or attempting to terminate whistleblowers at the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, Ms. Duckworth has displayed a pattern of ducking the rules.”

“When Ms. Duckworth has spent so much time campaigning against Super PACs because they lack transparency in campaign finance,” Walsh continued, “it is her campaign that was the source of mystery at the filing deadline. Does she believe federal election laws do not apply to her?”

Walsh concluded, “This looks like just one more of her many ‘oversights’. At the Illinois DVA, she was citied multiple times for misreporting funds by the Illinois Auditor General, including a misreporting of $4 million in grant money. Either way, Ms. Duckworth, since becoming a Blagojevich Bureaucrat, has displayed a repeated pattern of ‘misreporting’ or blatantly breaking rules.”

This morning, the Walsh for Congress campaign filed a formal complaint with the FEC to look into the matter. A copy of the complaint can be viewed here.

Walsh For Congress

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