Governor Quinn Responds to GOP Leaders ‘Save Illinois Taxpayers’ Pledge

From For the Good of Illinois

Last Week, Republican Leaders Tom Cross, Chairman Pat Brady, Adam Andrzejewski and Republican candidates across the state announced the Republican “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Pledge.

1. Freeze property taxes for three years;
2. Adversarial audit all spending; 3. Repeal the 67% income tax hike.

Hinsdale, IL- Late last week, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn responded to our “Save Illinois Taxpayers” Pledge by saying, “This is the political season. The election is less than four weeks away. There’ll be a lot of proposals by the Republican people and they’re entitled to do that. I got elected on that platform (raising taxes) and we are definitely not going to go back…” source: Illinois Radio Network.

Listen to clip 1:

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Source- Illinois Radio Network, Nick Gale

“Illinois taxpayers have been milked like a dairy cow for decades. Gov Quinn and Illinois Democrats refuse to consider bold action to stop the taxing,” Adam Andrzejewski, For the Good of Illinois PAC Chairman. “Governor Quinn and Democrats refuse to squeeze-out the mis-management, fraud and corrupt practices out of the system. The democratic proposals of fake reform and even higher taxes will only make matters worse for seniors, families and taxpayers.”

While Illinois leads the nation in foreclosures, Quinn and Illinois Democrats have proposed no pension reform- only pension shift- to property taxes. The “pension shift” will only force property taxes higher.

“Illinois property taxpayers are paying the 7th highest taxes in the county. We need a ‘timeout’ to catch up,” said Andrzejewski.

For the Good of Illinois PAC commissioned McLaughlin & Associates and polling results showed that 72% support legislation making it illegal for property taxes to increase when property values fall. 70% of Democrats supported this view as well.

“Gov. Pat Quinn is completely out-of-touch with our state and his own party,” Andrzejewski concluded.

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