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Join us this Sunday at 8 am on WIND AM 560 and hear a discussion of values voting and the role of religious leaders and the political process with our THREE very Special guests.

Msgr. Gregory Ketcham

Hails from Hamilton, Illinois. He graduated from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota and Mundelein Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois being Ordained a Catholic Priest for the Diocese of Peoria in 1994. Pope Benedict XVI named him “Chaplain to His Holiness” with the title of Monsignor in January of 2009. Having served twelve years in parish ministry, including pastor of Saint Philomena Parish in Peoria, he has been Director and Head Chaplain of St. John’s Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois since June of 2006.

Pastor John Kirkwood

John Kirkwood Pastors Grace Gospel Fellowship Bensenville, where “we the people” seek to honor “In God we Trust.” He hosts the Christian wake up call IN THE ARENA every Sunday at noon on AM 1160 and he co-hosts UnCommon Sense, the Christian Worldview with a double shot of espresso on He is the proud homeschooling dad of Konnor, Karter and Payton and the “blessed from heaven above” husband of the Righteous and Rowdy Wendymae

Concerned Christian Americans, Rev. Robert Vanden Bosch

Lobbying the Illinois State Government on behalf of the Christian Community. Since 1993, Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch has served as a lobbyist on behalf of Illinois’ Christians, standing for traditional values in Springfield, Illinois. Because our culture puts tremendous pressure on the practice of Christianity, his ministry is more necessary than ever.

Top Weekly Stories

Champion News Grassroots Hero Nominations

Champion News is proud to sponsor it’s first Grassroots Hero Award. Nomination will be open until Midnight, October 31, 2012. Please nominate a grassroots leader in the form on our website for whom you believe exemplifies true grassroots leadership. Champion News staff will judge the nominees and 2 winners will each receive 1 ticket to the WIND 1 Night Only event on November 3rd featuring Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, Michael Medved, John Howell, Amy Jacobson, Steve Cochran, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and Mike Gallagher.

Obamacare’s IPAB: When Government Takes Over Health Care, You Become A Budget Item

IPAB is a board consisting of 15 unelected, appointed bureaucrats whose task it is to cut the growth of Medicare spending, and the cuts they are mandated to make will be deep. The decisions IPAB makes behind closed doors can only be overturned by a supermajority of Congress, something almost impossible to achieve. So, the politicians have set up a system where they can say to seniors, “It was those bureaucrats that cut your Medicare, not me.”

Generation Debt

Turning Point USA has released the following video asking “Are you born free?” when each child is born with $80,000 of debt. Watch the video and then answer their question: “What are you going to do about it?”

Illinois’ Escalating Pension Crisis – And What to Do About It

Illinois needs to face reality. Our $34 billion state budget just can’t make a dent in the hundreds of billions of dollars of pension debt. Absent real reform, the debt will grow until the system collapses and retirees face draconian benefit cuts.

Save Illinois Taxpayers – Freeze, Audit & Repeal

Adam Andrzejewski and Tom Cross release their Save Illinois Taxpayers Pledge.

Freeze property taxes for three years followed by inflation plus population growth hard caps.
Enact “Adversarial Audits” to hunt down and stop wasteful spending, end corrupt practices and eliminate mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.
Repeal the 67% state income tax increase passed last year.

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