Magnum TI and the Case of Illinois’ Fiscal Crisis

It’s been a tough year, 2012. This state economy is in the tank. It’s got something to do with that income tax hike from a year ago: 67%. A ball and a chain for a guy like me. The boys in Springfield said it’d be temporary, that it’d expire in 2015, but I’m betting otherwise—they need taxpayers to bankroll their gold plated pensions.

It’s a hell of a gig, these pensions.The cats meow. Put in your due as a public servant and you’re retired early, living on easy street. Meanwhile, I just had to lay off my secretary Susie. It’s too bad, she does good work. But we can’t all put it on taxpayer tab, keep kicking the can down the road. And that’s all you’re gonna get from Springfield: a bait and switch, smoke and mirrors.You want real solutions? Voters better make some changes this November, starting with the big cheese at top: Speaker of the House Mike Madigan.

He’s been Speaker for three decades, he’s got more power than Mike Tyson’s left hook. The income tax hike, pension policy—nothing gets passed him without his 10-4. And voters have taken notice. Now, I’ve looked at it two ways to Tuesday and there’s no chance in voting the big cheese out of office. But listen up, if we knock out enough Springfield Democrats—six by my count—he’ll lose his leadership role and he’ll no longer be speaking for you and me. Sounds pretty nice, eh? Just remember, vote out the Springfield Democrats and this case will be closed.

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