Bambenek: In This Wrecked Economy, Frerichs Proposes Making Big Tax Hike Permanent

From the campaign of John Bambenek for State Senate (52nd District)…

Bambenek Warns Democrats Plan to Make Tax Hike Permanent in January Lame-Duck Session, Senator Frerichs Endorsed Proposal in February

(CHAMPAIGN) – Senate candidate John Bambenek today released a statement regarding Senator Frerichs’ endorsement of a plan to make the so-called “temporary” tax hike permanent and add $2 Billion in new taxes, likely during the lame-duck session in January.

At a Febraury 2012 press conference in Springfield attended by Senators Frerichs, Hutchison and Raoul as well as Springfield lobbyist Ralph Martire, a report was unveiled calling for a so-called progressive tax increase. This proposal would increase income taxes by over $2 billion dollars. According to table 7 of the report, it proposes to keep the “temporary” income tax hike and make it permanent for all tax payers.

“Senator Frerichs has campaigned saying he would let the income tax hike expire and propose no new taxes. You can read this is his News-Gazette candidate questionnaire. However, when he is in Springfield he proposed to make that same tax hike permanent and add $2 billion in more taxes to small businesses and family farms. It is disturbing that Senator Frerichs’ positions shift depending on whether he is in the district or in Springfield. We can’t afford the last tax hike; hiking taxes yet again will cost more jobs and raise unemployment even higher. In the light of the Governor’s office comments that January will be the time to make important changes outside the reach of voters, we must conclude that Senator Frerichs intends yet another lame-duck tax hike and to make the tax hikes permanent. Voters deserve better,” said Bambenek.

The video from the press conference in Springfield with lobbyist Ralph Martire is here (or see below).

The report that was unveiled at that press conference is here (Table 7 shows proposed tax rates):,%20Tax%20and%20Revenue/CTBA%20Graduated%20Income%20Tax%20FINAL%20Report%20Feb%202012.pdf

Senator Frerichs’ News-Gazette candidate questionnaire (question 2 deals with the income tax hike):

John Bambenek Is a candidate for the Illinois State Senate of the 52nd District.

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