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Join us Sunday morning at 8 AM on WIND AM 560. Our guest will be Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross. Leader Cross is battling Speaker MIchael Madigan on tax increases, the attempts to shift the pension debt back to the local property tax owners.

Top Stories this past week:

Energy & Environment Policy For Next Administration
We can create clean energy and clean building materials out of landfill and coal ash. What this means is that growing landfills can be reduced in size or eliminated completely; and the same goes for mountains of coal ash. Plus, the process could be a “revenue enhancer” for cash-starved municipalities” only, in this case the revenue will be from real production by private industry rather than new taxes. Read more…

Julie Morrison’s Rezko Connection
Why is Democrat State Senate Candidate Julie Morrison taking money from a powerful former tobacco lobbyist who has been tied to convicted Democratic fundraiser and Blagojevich kickback king Tony Rezko? Read more…

First Time: Chicago Has More Republican than Democrat Election Judges
For the first time ever all election judge positions for the nursing homes are filled.
In addition, for first time EVER there are more Republican election judges then Democrats. Read more…

Incumbents: Using Taxpayer Money to Aid Re-Election
Incumbents have a distinct advantage when running for re-election. Nationwide, incumbents have an 80% rate of being re-elected. One of the advantages they have is taxpayer funding mailings to constituents. When these mailings are times close to an election, you, the taxpayer, are helping to fund their re-election campaign. Below are some mailers sent out by incumbent county board candidates and the cost for each. You paid $21,722 for these mailers to help these candidates. Read more…

A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Michael Madigan
The state has among the worst — if not the worst — credit ratings in the nation. We’re drowning in debt, with more to come, and the state (meaning you) owing at least $85 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. You can count on taxes going up in a post-election deal that’s likely to include more casino gambling and even more power for the boss. Read more…

‘Down-Ballot’ voting
Over the last 40 years, elected Democrat officials and legislators in Illinois have destroyed the state’s economy, its business status, its educational competence and its physical structure. Yet year after year voters in Illinois, so indoctrinated by party politics, blindly vote Democratic even though it has hurt them badly over the years. Many of these drone-like voters dwell in the city of Chicago where the Cook County and Chicago political machines demand and maintain party loyalty from its huge Democrat base. Read more…

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