2012 Election Results in Illinois: Bad News, Folks

-By Warner Todd Huston

Federal House of Representatives

All our Democrat Congressmen got re-elected here in the worst state in the union. Worse, four Republican Congressmen were defeated. We are down to six Republican Congressmen, now. 2010 this wasn’t.

Bright spots: Peter Roskam (6th District) won re-election. So did Adam Kinzinger (16th) and Randy Hultgren (14th). An open seat looks like it stayed Republican with Rodney Davis winning a sparse majority in the 13th (Democrat Gill is ruminating a recount, but has yet to demand one).

But we lost Joe Walsh (8th), Robert Dold (10th), Judy Biggert (11th), and Boby Schilling (17th).

That leaves us with the following Republicans in Congress:
6th: Peter Roskam
13th: Rodney Davis (maybe a recount coming?)
14th: Randy Hultgren
15th: John Shimkus
16th: Adam Kinzinger
18th: Aaron Schock

Illinois State House
Republicans didn’t do so well in the State House races, either.

One bright spot was that David McSweeney beat the liar Dee Beaubien in the 52nd District. Another was that Tom Morrison got re-elected in the 54th.

Another good thing is that Republican Skip Saviano lost his long-time 77th District seat. Yes, I said that is a good thing. Saviano has pretended to be a Republican for far too long. He never votes with the GOP and has been for years in the back pocket of the Illinois Democrat Party. Saviano has been lying claiming to be a Republican for long enough. At last his district is represented by an honest Democrat — well, let me restate that. District 77 is now represented by a Democrat that isn’t lying and claiming she’s a Republican.

Now, the disgusting thing is that for many of the Democrat seats, the Illinois GOP didn’t even bother to offer a candidate. You can’t win if you don’t run, folks!

But, in all, the GOP lost seats in Springfield.

Illinois State Senate

Jim Oberweis finally won a spot in Springfield. He’s run for office for well over a decade and never won anything. He is now, at long last, the State Senator for the 25th District. That isn’t a GOP pickup, though. Just a hold. Republicans Kirk Dillard (24th), Dan Duffy (26th) and Matt murphy (27th) won reelection, too. Kyle McCarter also won in the 54th.

Otherwise, it was a dismal outcome for the state legislature.

Sadly the Illinois Public Pension Amendment won. This is a sham amendment offered by Democrats that won’t help at all.

Cook County

Dan Patlak won his seat once again on the Cook County Board of Review, that’s a good thing. But it was the only bright spot for the night.

Kane County

Chris Lauzen won his bid to be elected as the Chairman of the Kane County Board. He won pretty handily, too.

In all, Illinois became even bluer than it was before. This will hasten the destruction of the state.


I misread that constitutional Amendment vote. I thought it reached the threshold, but it did not. It need 560% to pass but it did not get that much and did not pass.

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2 Responses to 2012 Election Results in Illinois: Bad News, Folks

  1. Cal Skinner says:

    The pension vote was over 50%, but needed 60% to pass.

  2. Warner Todd Huston says:

    Thanks, Cal.