Fore, Father Knows Best

-By Sean M. Morrison

As a fiscally conservative Republican I am just now coming about after the sucker punch that was the 2012 election. I have asked myself the questions; how did this happen, why and what now?

In pondering these things I have drawn my own conclusion that it is going to be a difficult road for our Republican party to regain our footing in the months and perhaps years ahead, But that we must not give up. We will need to win our victories small at first and wait for the opportunities to claim our victories large.

Recently I read an article by John F. Di Leo, in it he frames the following thought, that our founding fathers are still providing us with their collective wisdom even today, and it made me think that if the Republican party in Illinois and the Nation are to survive and flourish than we need to ponder and heed a sample of their collective wisdom:

… they –the founding fathers- found it necessary to leave the institution of slavery for others to end at some future date, when it became politically possible. Even there, there is a lesson; when a hundred issues are going wrong, we must accomplish as much as we can, and not impossibly demand to solve them all at once….

Well that message from our founding fathers is still clear even today: Politically speaking, we cannot and should not fight every single issue at hand solely for the sake of engaging the fight, but rather fight the battle in which we can win at that moment in time and engage the other battles when it will be politically possible to win them.

It makes us no less moral, no less ethical and no less conservative to navigate a political path to electability, and a path which provides the mechanism in which to effectuate the change that we seek. Common sense will assure us of one thing for certain; that we cannot right the wrongs facing our State and our Nation if our parties’ candidates cannot get themselves elected into public office.

We are after all some 235 years down the road from the time of our founding fathers, we must accept the reality that as a Political party we live in a different era, if we are to ensure our ability to fight the battle on another day than we need to enhance the delivery of our message. We must deliver a clear message while maintaining our values that we are a party of inclusion not exclusion.

Subsequently we must understand why the casted ballots from the voter blocs defined as: independents, minorities, women voters and those under the age of 40 are increasingly turning away from the overall republican message of fiscal conservatism and family values. The mathematical fact of demographics bear this out, currently our base is a shrinking one and like it or not; the societal norms, age demographics and social culture of America is actively and continuously changing.

As we move Into 2013 and beyond It is an increasingly futile action to simply preach that we are the right political solution for the problems we face, the “father knows best” message of the nineteen fifties and sixties no longer resonates with the current and evolving societal fabric of our Nation and if we do not accept this sobering reality then our political party as we know it will be doomed to the same fate as the buggy whip, or politically speaking “the Whig party”.

We need to re-examine- not our values- but our approach, our message and the delivery of our values to the American people.

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