VIDEO: Ad Hits Illinois Politicians on Driver’s Licenses for Illegals

From William J. Kelly…

How can we trust Illinois politicians to administer a program to grant driver’s licenses to 250,000 illegal immigrants?

Safer Families Coalition Rally in Springfield
Tuesday December 4, 2012
10:00 AM
Capitol Rotunda (near Nativity scene)

CHICAGO, IL December 3, 2012 – The Safer Families Coalition has launched a new television ad that slams Illinois Republicans for supporting an ill-conceived bill to permit 250,000 illegal immigrants to receive state-issued driver’s licenses.

The spot, entitled “Remember,” recalls the horrific Willis-Guzman van crash on Interstate 94 and the deaths of the six Willis children in a fiery explosion that was caused by an illegally licensed commercial truck driver named Ricardo Guzman. More than 80 connected Illinois officials were eventually implicated in the scandal and former Gov. George Ryan is still serving a six-year prison term for racketing, tax evasion, conspiracy, and fraud.

The ad asks the question: Can Illinois politicians be trusted to issue driver’s licenses to thousands of undocumented workers?

Broadcast-quality versions are available upon request.

“From pay-to-play politics and corruption to bankrupting our state on pensions, Illinois politicians already have a stunning list of accomplishments to their credit,” says William Kelly of Safer Families Coalition. ” Illinois has a sordid history when it comes to issuing driver’s licenses [in the George Ryan era] and now politicians want us to trust them to administer a program to grant driver’s licenses to 250,000 illegal immigrants? How can Illinois families trust them? The answer is: they can’t.”

Illinois Republican leaders who are supporting the effort include State Sen. Bill Brady, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, and former Gov. Jim Edgar among others.

“This bill raises more questions than answers. How dare Illinois Republican leaders play Russian roulette with our families,” says Kelly.

The Safer Families Coalition will be holding a rally in on Tuesday December 2 at 10:00 AM in the Springfield Capitol Rotunda to protest the full vote of the Illinois Senate on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

See more at the Kelly Truth Squad.

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