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Tune in to Champion News Talk Radio this Sunday at 8AM on WIND 560-AM. Listen to Carol and Jack speak with guest Chris Jenner, a Cary District 26 school board member who supports defends, and fights for quality education and the taxpayer.

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Myers Report: Shortage of Employees?
Currently, ArcelorMittal employs approximately 10,000 people in the NW Indiana area. However, out of those, 5,000 are veteran steel workers who will retire in the next 5 years. When they do, it will be difficult to find qualified trades people. Rippey’s point of view is that not everyone needs a college degree. If we could find schools that would teach trades, as they did 40-50 years ago, it would be a great help to the US manufacturing base. This country was built on manufacturing and it is coming back a little, but we need to train our young people how to manufacture products. Rippey reached out to Indiana University and area colleges to set up trade schools or programs to help train our future workforce. Continue reading…

Beware: The Griffith Lake Forest Debacle May Already Prevail in Your School District
It appears that the root of the “Griffith Gone Wild” problem is that our school boards enabled his every action. The boards allowed at least three major gaffs to occur in Griffith’s era: his grossly excessive compensation; his botched handling of the Steinert sexting scandal, including his proven lies to the community; and the huge increases in teachers’ salaries from 2009 to 2012, in which the majority of Lake Forest High School teachers (and administrations) received percentage increases from 19% to 33.114%, helping to propel LFHS to the #2 rank in top Chicago-area High School Districts in cost to educate per student. Continue reading…

Barrington Dist. 220 teachers: 19% raises are not enough we’re going on strike. What other goodies are in their contract?
Learn about all the perks provided in the contract besides the pay increases. Yet, the Barrington Teachers Union voted to authorize a strike. Continue reading…

Are Your Property Taxes Too High? RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARD.

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