Sun Times Demands Sen. Kirk’s Med Records, Ignores Jesse Jackson. Jr.’s

-By Warner Todd Huston

Withchunt: The Chicago Sun-Times once again revels in its partisanship by demanding the public release of the medical records of Senator Mark Kirk while ignoring the records of Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.

For the Times, Phil Kadner is all upset that the U.S. government should be expected to pay for the medical bills and recovery costs for Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican who suffered a stroke last year and has since been making a steady recovery.

But the same left-wing Old Media hack isn’t calling for the records of Democrat Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who claims he has “bi-polar” disorder and was out of the public eye for most of the year before finally resigning in disgrace just ahead of a federal investigation into his theft of campaign funds.

The differences between the two cases are stark, indeed. With Senator Kirk, we have a navy veteran who served his nation proudly then became a U.S. Senator. He’s done much to earn a little help from the American people. Further, during his stroke recovery he’s been working from home. The latter a fact no one disputes.

Kirk is not under indictment. There are no investigations into his actions on anything. Regardless of what you think of his voting record, by every account Senator Mark Kirk has been a good and faithful servant to the American people and the people of Illinois.

Then there’s Jesse Jackson, Jr. This guy only got his position in the U.S. Congress because his father is agitator and race-baiter Jesse Jackson of Operation Push fame. As the Representative of the Chicago-area Second Congressional District he’s done nothing for his constituents. In fact, he even sold his home in Chicago and has for years been living in Washington D.C. So, he doesn’t even have any ties here.

Further he has a long history of criminal activity from stealing campaign cash, to influence peddling, to trying to buy a Senate seat in the Blagojevich scandal, to…. well the list goes on and on. He was even caught up in a sex scandal a while back.

Then we get to his so-called illness. Early this year Jesse Jackson disappeared from public view. For months no one knew what the hell was going on with this crook. It was rumored he was in counseling for being a drunk, that he had a total breakdown, and more. Then, at last, he announced he had “bi-polar” disorder. All the while he stopped even bothering to do his job as a Congressman.

Then it came out that he was under investigation for stealing campaign funds and he resigned his seat in Congress in disgrace as a result.

Worse, Jackson was running for re-election the whole time he was hiding from the public and pretending to have some sort of medical illness that he was having the American public pay for through his Congressional insurance.

None of this caused any ire in Phil Kadner. After all the things you can attack Jackson for, creep Kadner doesn’t care about the criminal Jackson, Jr. and instead goes after the guy that has been an upstanding member of Congress and a valued member of the community.

So, why is Kadner eager to take away Mark Kirk’s medical coverage while he sees nothing wrong with paying for Jesse Jackson’s? Because Mark Kirk is a Republican and Jackson is a Democrat.

That is all there is to it. It is just another Old Media partisan witchhunt.

(H/T Bill Baar.)

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