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Tune in to Champion News Talk Radio this Sunday at 8AM on WIND 560-AM as Carol and Jack speak with guest Rick Newton – Founder Tri-Coun-Tea, which covers parts of Kane, Cook, and Dupage counties. Rick is a grassroots leader who was one of the Winners of the “Champion Grassroots Hero Award” as Rick exemplifies true grassroots leadership. This Sunday we will be hearing from Rick on what he has been achieving for solutions.

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School Districts Begin to get the Message and Freeze Property Taxes

After several years of research and debating how taxing bodies feel it is their right of “tradition” to raise your property taxes every year, there is a shift starting to take place. Many Villages and Townships have been freezing and in some cases lowering their levies (taxes) for the past several years. This week, several school districts have broken the ice as well.

  • Grayslake District 46 – Froze their levy – Dec 19th on a 5-2 vote
  • Nippersink District 2 – Froze their levy – Dec 18th unanimously
  • Richmond/Burton District 157 – increase their Ed fund levy, but then abated the same amount in bonds effectively no raising taxes – Dec 19th unanimously
  • Stevenson High School District 125 has had a practice for the past several years to initially raise taxes, but then abate all or a portion back each year to the taxpayers.

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The Meyers Report: The Promised Land?

The Promised Land, has a clearly “anti-fracking” theme. It opposes our getting at natural gas supplies that can make our country energy independent and do it cleanly. In 2000, only 1% of our natural gas came from shale; today it is 30%, and the price is cheap and getting cheaper—cheaper than nuclear power. In 1996, the US produced only 0.3 trillion cubic feet of shale gas. By 2011, we were producing 7.8 trillion cu. ft. The graph at the right shows the price of US natural gas from 2008 through 2012.
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Global Report Card: See How Your School Ranks Against Other States and Countries

Ever wonder how your public school district stacks up when compared to the rest of the world? What about how your district compares to your state or even the nation?
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Active Shooter Response Strategies

The following video by NewAmericaNow should be passed around to every teacher around the country. It provides some basic techniques/strategies to help in an Active Shooter Incidents. This video will also be useful in other settings as well.
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