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Pastor Kirkwood is the pastor of Grace Believer in Bensonville, IL. He was also one of the winners of our Grassroots Hero Award winners.

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Our Hero, Leszek Balcerowicz
Leszek Balcerowizc is not as well known as Michael Jordan, or even Yogi Berra. But his impact is lasting longer than either sports legends. Balcerowizc is the financial MVP of the healthy Polish economy and other EU economies that followed his financial style.

When Poland was freed from the financial and political collapse of the Soviet Union, it was Balcerowicz that instituted tough policies that brought about a rapid financial recovery. It was his policies that enabled Poland to avoid the financial bubbles that hit some countries in the 1990s and everyone in the 2000s, but allowed Poland to thrive when other European economies are stagnating.
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School Based Health Center and the Parent Child Relationship
Currently, most parents know when their child is having any health issues because they are the ones taking them to the Doctor. That is about to change in Round Lake. Round Lake School District 116 has now received a $500,000 grant to start the building process of their School Based Health Clinic.

Will the district notify parents when any services are rendered? No, they will not. These clinics use Illinois law which prevents them from notifying parents for medication, contraceptives and even in the cases of an abortion referral. The privacy of the child is maintained even if the rights of the parents to know how or why their child is being treated are not. Parents can only find out if their child decides to tell them. That’s right your rights as a parent and gone if you child decides to hide any of this information from you. Continue reading…

School Districts Begin to get the Message and Freeze Property Taxes
After several years of research and debating how taxing bodies feel it is their right of “tradition” to raise your property taxes every year, there is a shift starting to take place. Many Villages and Townships have been freezing and in some cases lowering their levies (taxes) for the past several years. This week, several school districts have broken the ice as well.

  • Grayslake District 46 – Froze their levy – Dec 19th on a 5-2 vote
  • Nippersink District 2 – Froze their levy – Dec 18th unanimously
  • Richmond/Burton District 157 – increase their Ed fund levy, but then abated the same amount in bonds effectively no raising taxes – Dec 19th unanimously

Stevenson High School District 125 has had a practice for the past several years to initially raise taxes, but then abate all or a portion back each year to the taxpayers.
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Freezing Levy Can Produce Budget Surplus
Richard, one of the local business owners had the following to say about his property taxes:

  • 2006 – $69,000
  • 2011 – $99,000
  • 2012 – $113,000

That is nearly a 64% increase over that time frame. How can we expect businesses to continue to afford these type of increases? We cannot.

Here are some of the striking highlights from the presentation and board member comments

  1. Estimated actual tax revenues from an increase would be $750K
  2. District will hit* their O&M (Operations and Maintenance) cap this year
  3. District will hit* the Education fund cap next year
  4. With the tax levy increase, there will be a $1.4 million deficit next year
  5. Without a levy increase: 2014 – $1,024,000 deficit, 2015 – $189,000 surplus, 2016 – $1,400,000 surplus**

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