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The American Dream Starts With a Quality Education
People from around the world come to the United States for a better life. They understand the greatness and uniqueness to our country and want to live the American Dream. A quality education is the starting point for their children to obtain the American Dream.

ALL children deserve access to a quality education and should not be arrested or imprisoned to make sure that happens. Fund the child and not the bureaucracy.
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Meyers Report: Negative Equity Drags Market
Amid talk of a housing recovery, the latest figures show that 22% of all homes with a mortgage are underwater. That is 19,763,550 US homes are worth less than the mortgages on them. Another 2,306,978 (4.8% of mortgages) are within 5% of being worthless according CoreLogic. They track over 48 million mortgages in the US, roughly 80%.
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Meyers Report: Legal, Stupid and Immoral
In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the Westchester County (NY) Journal News (owned by Gannett) published the names and addresses (with a map) of gun owners in two counties. We believe it was a poor and dangerous idea for several reasons.
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ILRNHA Elects New Executive Committee
The new Executive Committee is comprised of the following members:

Chairman – John M. Guevara
Vice-Chairman – Liandro Arellano, Jr.
Secretary – Gloria Cardenas Cudia
Treasurer – Benjamin Ordoñez
National Committeewoman – Gloria Campos
National Committeeman- Rafael Rivadeneira
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Is Illinois Ready For Same Day Voter Registration?
Starting off the 98th Session by acting against election integrity in Illinois, Deputy Majority Leader and Representative Lou Lang (D)16th District introduced House Bill 68 in the Illinois House. This bill, if passed, will require all election jurisdictions in Illinois to offer in-precinct voter registration on Election Day. Effectively, election judges will also register voters. If passed, House Bill 68 is effective immediately!
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