Read The Full Indictment of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

-By Warner Todd Huston

Congressman (former) Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Chicago has been formally indicted on misuse of campaign funds. He used campaign money to buy himself fur coats and Hollywood memorabilia (such as Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson collectibles).

Now, can I remind you all of a further point, here? This man ran for office knowing full well that this was coming. Further, his party allowed him to do so and were complicit in perpetrating this fraud on the voters. This proves that the Democrat Party is little more than a criminal enterprise at worst, and shockingly disinterested in what is good for the people or even their own voters at the least.

I am sure there is far more than this he’s done wrong, but these are the specific charges that the government brought against him.

This image of the complaint is courtesy of McHenry County Blog run by the redoubtable Cal Skinner.

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