Democrats OWN Illinois’ Financial Disaster

From the Illinois Tea Party…

Now that the new Illinois General Assembly has been sworn in, every resident in Illinois needs to be fully aware that ‘elections have consequences’. The Democratic party, now a super-majority in Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan, John Cullerton, and Rahm Emanuel OWN Illinois financial woes. The new gerrymandered, Democratic drawn map in Illinois ensured that Congressional Republicans of 2010 were forced to run against each other in the Primary, and ‘hand picked’ Democratic candidates ran against the Republican ‘winner’ in the general election with President Obama at the top of the ticket.

Republicans lost 5 Congressional seats, and the Democrats now have a super-majority in the IL House 71-47, and in the IL Senate, John Cullerton starts his fifth year as ‘Leader’ following Madigan’s 30 year RULE, (with his daughter as Attorney General by his side) with a 40-19 advantage over the GOP, which is the largest in the nation and in state history. From the Land of Corruption and ‘You Can’t Make This Up’, Cullerton recently rejected the characterization of an ‘inability to act’ for Illinois’ future.
“It’s not dysfunctional at all,’ he said during a news briefing in the Capitol. “We have a pension system that is not going bankrupt’.

Illinois has the weakest state pension system in the nation, with just 39% of the assets needed to cover projected obligations for five major groups of public employees, according to the Civic Federation, a Chicago-based nonprofit research group.

In failing to deal with a $97 billion unfunded liability that rises by $117 million each DAY, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the State of Illinois’ credit rating yet again, on 1/25/13, citing its leaders’ failure to effectively address massive unfunded pension obligations. Illinois’ bond rating is now the worst in the country.

As you can see from this chart, Illinois taxpayers’ debt ($38,500 each) is four times larger than the U.S. average ($9,586).

Democratic response to this? NEW SPENDING! What deficit?

Illinois lawmakers OK $2.1 billion in new spending!

State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago) says $2.1 billion in new spending is better than what Gov. Quinn wanted. “The executive branch asked for many, many million more,” said State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, D-Chicago. “This represents a pretty austere response to spend more.”

LIKE WE GOT IT: Rep. Darlene Senger says Illinois is spending money now, only to cut the budget in three months.
The new spending plan has grown or shrunk several times during the past few days, from as little as $714 million to as much as $3 billion. The new spending plan, and its $2.1 billion price tag, was not finalized until just before the House vote.

Yes, you read that right, the new ‘$2.1 billion spending plan’ wasn’t finalized until minutes before the House vote. Is this how responsible legislators vote? Or is this how they’re being told to vote? Is this in the best interests of Illinois residents?

Illinois Tea Party led the largest grassroots ‘Get Out the Vote” effort, ‘Let’s Mobilize’, with hundreds of volunteers traveling throughout the state to engage our citizens and assist fiscally conservative candidates. Each of these candidates could have potentially brought ‘fiscal sanity’ to the House and the Senate, but the voters chose the Madigan-led Democratic party in most races.

Illinois Tea Party continues to encourage citizens to get engaged in the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already), become a precinct committeeman, get elected to your school board and run for county and township positions. As we continue to watch the Democrats destroy Illinois, the only people who will ever change this state is YOU, the Citizen.

If you believe that you are ‘Taxed Enough Already’ here in Illinois, please consider a generous donation to the Illinois Tea Party Donate here.

According to this Daily Herald article, we’ve had a near $9 billion tax increase over the last decade and the state income tax rose by 67% in 2011 – a ‘temporary’ hike that will surely become permanent, or increase, as our property values continue to shrink. Yet, Illinois has $7,035,394,974 in backlogged payments – 181,818 Total Vouchers delayed as of 2/17/13. We must continue to fight the battle of smaller government, less taxes and less spending.

We are a grassroots organization and cannot continue sharing our message of ‘fiscal responsibility’ without your help. Thank you.

Your legislators are home ‘on vacation’ this week, please contact them, and let them know we do not want more tax increases in Illinois! STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE!

Please be advised that our Illinois Tea Party website is There are several ‘fake tea party sites’ – Always be sure to check the validity of any website before contributing.

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