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Tune into Champion News Talk Radio this Sunday at 8 AM on AM 560 The Answer or listen to the live stream here. Hosts Carol Parisi and Jack Roeser will be joined by Claire Van Horne.

Claire Van Horn of Darien, founder of the DuPage County Tea Party/True the Vote Illinois trainer and leader. Claire has been a Tea Party leader for over 4 years she will discuss some of the iniciatives the Tea Party movement has engaged in to make a difference at the local level for local and National impact. Claire will also discuss the future of the Tea Party movement.

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Paul McKinley for Congress: Devastated by the Machine

Paul McKinley, who is running for the Illinois 2nd Congressional District, released a campaign ad discussing the devastation by the Chicago Machine.

Indiana Supreme Court Rules School Vouchers Constitutional

The Indiana Supreme Court upheld the program by a vote of 5-0, ruling “the voucher program expenditures do not directly benefit religious schools but rather directly benefit lower-income families with school-children by providing an opportunity for such children to attend non-public schools if desired.”
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The Meyers Report: Genetski’s Initial Reaction To Cyprus Solution

When regulators and central banks bail out all banks, depositors become complacent about where they put their money. In doing so, they enable banks to become more reckless in their lending. The Cyprus solution involves total losses to banks’ equity holders and then to bondholders. Insured depositors were protected. However, losses over and above insured deposits depend upon the extent of the banks’ losses. For the Cyprus pubic bank, where losses were the greatest, uninsured depositors lost all their money. Where the bank was less reckless, uninsured depositors incurred less of a loss.
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Robert Genetski’s Weekly Financial Update & Stock Impact Gauge 03/25/2013

Market Outlook Stocks moved erratically lower this past week with most of the key indexes losing roughly 1%. The losses offset the previous week’s gain.
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