Champaign Mayor Accused of Assaulting Local Musician

-By Warner Todd Huston

Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, once a local rock and roll musician, has been accused of assaulting a local musician at a public event.

Champaign musician Jim Bean has filed for an order of protection against Mayor Gerard saying that he physically assaulted him at the Boneyard Creek Community Day sponsored by the Champaign Park District.

Bean told police that he was playing a song on his guitar when Mayor Gerard interrupted him and began to verbally assault him. The argument continued until Mayor Bean called the police on the musician. The police came but no charges were filed at that time.

Gerard claims that the musician had somehow harassed his teenaged daughter, but musician Bean says he doesn’t even know the Mayor’s daughter.

A disinterested bystander by the name of Christine Singer seemed to back up some of what Bean said saying that she felt that Mayor Gerard was the one getting out of hand.

Bean also noted on his Facebook feed that Mayor Gerard called him all sorts of vile names. The mayor also purportedly said that he was going to send the musician to jail where he’d get “f**ked in the a**” by “black dudes.”

Gerard was once a musician himself, having played for several second and third tier rock bands. He even got a shot at playing with REO Speedwagon during one stage show in 2011.

As mayor, Gerard claims that he is an “independent” but his filing with the state seems to make the lie to that claim. Don Gerard filed as a Democrat when he ran for mayor.

Jim Bean isn’t the only person that has alleged that Mayor Gerard has an out of control temper. Last year a former Urbana Alderwoman named Laura Huth also filed for an order of protection against the mayor.

This is adding up to an awful lot of proof, circumstantial granted, that Democrat Mayor Don Gerard has some anger issues. Worse, he seems prone to try and use his position of power to get the cops to harass those he is angry with.

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3 Responses to Champaign Mayor Accused of Assaulting Local Musician

  1. Bill Baar says:

    Funny how homosexual prison rape pops out so quickly from some of these guy’s mouths. I was surprised by some of the jokes about Blagojevich going to prison that comeout of the the mouths of some liberals.

  2. johnny says:

    All smoke, no fire. Plenty to go after Gerard on, but Bean’s a hothead who’ll start a fight with anybody. And it’s not really relevant, but Bean and Huth are significantly to the Left of Gerard. Local Republicans screwed up by letting him get elected, but this is just Bean being Bean.

  3. Martha says:

    Mayor Bean? hmmmm