An Interview With Chad Koppie, Running for U.S. Senate From Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

Chad Koppie has decided to throw his hat in the ring for the 2014 race for Senate and recently I took a few minutes to get an idea of what issues interest him. Koppie is both fiscally as well as socially conservative and has several considered ideas about how things need to be.

Koppie is a conservative Republican from Kane County and currently sits on the Kane County Regional Board of Schools. He has also been a township trustee, a school board member, and a hospital board member in his county. He’s run for other offices, most recently for Senate in 2008.

In 2008, Koppie ran under the Constitution Party banner for Senate. You can see his presentation at WTTW T’s “free time” segment from 2008.

His bio states: “Chad Koppie is strongly pro-life, pro-gun rights, and anti-illegal alien. He wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to help eliminate the Dept. of Education, audit the Federal Reserve, and cut all other federal spending by 3%, per year, for 10 years. He supports a federal flat tax. He supports a balanced budget amendment, for the Constitution.”

I began our discussion asking him about the Illinois establishment GOP. I wondered how he was going to get their support. Turns out, he didn’t intend to worry much about the establishment and plans on reaching out to the grassroots to launch his campaign.

“I’m glad you’re asking that, Koppie said, “because I have observed this for many years, but it is always some pretty boy with some money that they pony up or someone that’s got come power that the Illinois GOP puts up for election. It’s never a suitable candidate but always somebody that is politically correct and has money and family connections. So, how serious are these people?”

“This country is in such serious shape that we can’t put up with this anymore. Yet they are going to keep brining us these sort of candidates and we just can’t do it any more,” he said.

“No, I’m not a panderer, no I’m not politically correct, and I’ll have to go to the grassroots to get into this. I’ll need to go to the people on the street, the tea parties and the grassroots because I won;t be supported by the establishment. You have to be a prostitute to play the game on the table and I’m not going to be a prostitute. If the people know that there is a candidate that will put his cards on the table and will be straightforward, one that won’t be beholding to the establishment, they will want that sort of candidate. I am that man.”

That having been said I asked Koppie what the primary issue was that he wanted to bring before the people.

We’ve got to get control of the debt situation. If we’d have gotten control of the debt years ago we wouldn’t be in this position. We have to cut federal expenditures and we can’t just cut one program here or fire that guy there, everybody’s got to keep on doing what they’re doing but a solution is that every single program including the office of the PResident of the United States needs to take a 3 percent cut in its budget each year for ten years.

What we need to do is put in the Koppie plan and cut expenses across the board, not just eliminate the 3 percent in personnel, or cut salaries, we need to cut expenditures. And, yes, this cut also needs to be done on entitlements.

I mean, think of Social Security. It’s a Ponzi scheme. If all anyone ever got was what they put in it would be one thing, but most people get far more out of the system than they ever paid.

So, everybody that draws a federal check, every single entity needs to take a 3 percent cut every year for ten years.

Koppie also feels strongly about abortion. A human fetus deserves the status of “personhood,” he feels.

On the abortion issue, we cannot have laws on the books that say you can’t kill another person, yet have laws that say you can take the innocent and kill them wholesale that just can’t lie. So we have to get established the personhood of the fetus. The fetus has human hands, human arms, so it is human. So, we have to get established the personhood of the fetus on the federal level.

Life begins at conception, absolutely.

And the Second Amendment, being a hot button issue these days, is something that we must move to protect.

Now, I am a life member of the NRA and the illinois Rifle Association, so you know where I stand on that. But if they can take out gun rights away from us, that’s a mighty big issue. But, there are over 300 million Americans that have rights and need protection so you can take the 100 some Americans that were murdered in these mass murders and use that to take away all our rights. That just can’t happen. You just have to bring some logic into this.

Finally, and bak to the economy, Koppie also feels we need to audit the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is the one helping to create this debt. The FR has to be defanged, or eliminated, or something. They are private bankers. We should audit the fed and eradicate it eventually, but we can’t do that immediately. Sure we should audit it, but we need to start to get a handle on this.

Koppie also feels that the budget problem can never be solved without a Constitutional Amendment.

“Also, we need a Constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget each and every year. Many states have this requirement right in their constitutions and we need to do that on a federal level,” he said.

Koppie had one last bit of advice for those of us considering for whom we should vote for Senate. Let’s not take out eyes off the big picture. “We have to watch out that we don’t lose sight of the big issues. We need to talk about the big issues. The left-wing media brings us down to tiny issues while the nation goes broke.”

So, for the big issues, Chad Koppie would like your vote.

For more info, check out his YouTube Channel and his Facebook Page.

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