Rumor Mill Says Illinois Senator, Republican Mark Kirk About to Announce Retirement

The rumor mill has been kicked into high gear this weekend over the tale that Republican Senator Mark Kirk, Illinois’ junior Senator, might be about to announce that he is retiring effective almost immediately… or at least for the 2014 election cycle.

Kirk, who was only elected to the Senate in 2010, recently had a stroke that left him physically impaired. He is still as mentally fit as he ever was, but his physical limitations are still vexing for a man that was an extremely active and vital person.

Aides have told me that he still can’t take even half the workload he used to take on and tires easily. His physical therapy to regain more of his stamina and use of his limited muscles continues, too. So, if Kirk does announce his retirement as the rumors suggest, it would not be a surprise.

Now, don’t cite this post as proof positive that the Senator is stepping down. I am only hearing the winds blowing. This is just a rumor, but one I find credible enough to mention.

As to Kirk’s career, I’d say he has been no conservative’s friend. He’s been a solid 60 percenter, only just to the right of center. But one could always be sure of where Mark Kirk stood and how he was going to vote. He really hasn’t spent much of his career fading from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the most part, on the issues, he’s been pretty steady during his career. He’s always been bad on social issues, bad on Second Amendment rights, but good on Israel and pretty good on the military. Also not bad on taxes. There was rarely any guessing with Mark Kirk.

The thing is, he was a trustworthy guy. You knew where he stood on things. He was also sincere, serious, and patriotic.

Now, if he does step down, our wunnerful Governor, Pat Quinn, will appoint some far left, half-wit Democrat to replace Kirk and the GOP will loses a nominal ally in the Senate.That is a bad thing, for sure. But there won’t be any help for it.

We can only hope that Quinn tries to sell the seat, like his former boss did (Blagojevich, for those who forgot already), and gets thrown in jail for it… and I only half jest, there.

Anyway, lets see if the rumors are correct, shall we? If they do, perhaps you heard it here first?

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One Response to Rumor Mill Says Illinois Senator, Republican Mark Kirk About to Announce Retirement

  1. Brian says:

    If he does plan on stepping down, hopefully he’ll wait until after the 2014 gubernatorial election. Dan Rutherford 2014 anyone?