Reminder: Teachers Unions Responsible for Illinois Pension Mess

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over at his excellent McHenry County Blog, Cal Skinner has a good reminder of just who is in large part responsible for the pension mess in the State of Illinois. The teachers unions was one of the biggest contributors to that mess.

Skinner plays off a recent Southtown article by Phil Kadner in which Kadner talks about the massive tax hikes that Democrat House Leader Michael Madigan wants to help “fix” the pension mess.

Skinner reminds Kadner of one of the reasons this mess happened in the first place.

Phil Kadner writes, “You paid tax money to fund the pensions. But your elected leaders chose to spend the money on something else.”

The Illinois State Capitol where Democrats plan to shift teacher pension costs to local school districts, which will raise property taxes.

But he leaves out who encouraged the legislators to spend the money elsewhere.It was the teacher union lobbyists.

When I was looking at budgets, there was a section for education.

It was divided into three parts:
1). k through 12
2). universities
3). pensions

The pressure was always to increase State Aid to Education.

The reasoning (not stated publicly, I dare say) was that with higher financial assistance, teacher salaries could be raised, which, in turn, would increase teach pensions.

Kadner points out that as all this stuff (that Skinner reminds us of) was going on, the politicians OKaying this mess did so knowing full well they’d be long out of office by the time the mess really hit the fan.

That fan is running at full speed as we speak…

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