Chicago Teachers Union: ‘This City Belongs to Black People’

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is pretty much run by communists and racebaiters. This month we get yet another example of that with a CTU organizer claiming that the city “belongs” to African Americans and not white people.

This sort of hate is typical of the CTU. As seen in the video above, CTU President Karen Lewis is very well known for saying that white people and anyone with a few dollars in their pockets should have no right to tell teachers what to do. The above video is from June of this year and shows CTU chief Lewis essentially saying the same thing as the organizer in the latest story.

For that latest story we go to the Chicago Tribune which tells us that CTU organizer Brandon Johnson dutifully echoed his boss, Lewis.

Brandon Johnson, an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, fired up the rally crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, saying the 35 union and neighborhood groups were there to send a message to “the mayor of this city and his corporate, greedy elitist friends that this city belongs to the people in this room. Black people, brown people, poor people, working-class people.”

It should go without saying that Chicago belongs to all its residents, not just blacks and minorities.

But Johnson and Lewis aren’t the only CTU union goons regurgitating such left-wing, anti-American rhetoric.

Only a few months ago another CTU operative, one Timothy Meegan, said that capitalism has failed, that government is for redistributing wealth, and that armed revolution is coming unless we all bend to his union demands.

Meegan made these comments at the protest of the ALEC meeting held in Chicago on August 8, 2013.

So, as you can see, the CTU is shot through with people that espouse communist, anti-American ideas.

And remember, people like this are leeches living off our tax dollars, not just in Chicago but every city in the nation.

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