Kirk Dillard is the Conservative Choice

Guest editorial by Grant Noble

If we don’t choose the right Governor candidate and lose, there’s no doubt in my mind the Democrats will pass a graduated income tax with a top rate of 9.5%. Use the information below to make a wise choice.

Bill Brady: I’ve met many prominent political leaders who supported Brady in the 2010 primary who won’t now. They all have their horror stories about the Brady “campaign” and here are some examples. Brady’s campaign was offered funding to mail absentee ballot applications to Republicans to maximize turnout. “We’ve got that covered”. Nothing was done–like the hundreds of thousands the campaign never spent. Bill Brady can be summed up by a question a Chicago TV reporter asked him the Monday before the election: “What would you say to the voters now?” “Just vote” said Brady. That’s why we lost to a governor with approval ratings under 40%, despite the biggest Republican sweep in 70 years.

Dan Rutherford: won in 2010 but other than Quinn’s big hike, he’s been fine with tax and spend. He ran his office the usual Illinois way. “Rutherford gave raises to 19 of his workers including $23,000-a-year pay increase.” & “Rutherford’s office is paying nearly $2 million to a Chicago consulting firm to re-brand and market a program (he) said just months ago was exceeding expectations.”

Rutherford voted for civil unions after he was elected Treasurer. At the 2012 national convention, Dan supported a homosexual group’s bar party specifically designed to undermine our party’s marriage position. He doesn’t have Brady’s conservative record that got votes Downstate and almost overcame a bad campaign. Dan will get far more scrutiny of his record in office and personal life than in 2010.

Bruce Rauner: Rauner talks about Term Limits, Right to Work, not taking money from unions , etc. that appeal to Republicans but not Reagan Democrats we need to win. Political novice Rauner will continue to make mistakes like first supporting a cut in the minimum wage and then supporting Quinn’s plan to raise it in return for tax breaks for people like himself. That won’t fly even among Republicans.

Rauner has severe credibility problems (enclosed), especially the hundreds of thousands he and his wife have given to Democrats or their close allies. “(Rauner) improperly claimed three homeowner exemptions for a number of years.”

Rauner’s investment firm owned nursing homes that caused the death of three people and a principal of this company gave Rauner’s campaign a $100,000.

Rauner’s wife lavishly praised Quinn in 2010 and was member of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s transition team.

Diana Rauner is a big contributor to Emily’s List and Personal PAC, groups that give mainly to Democrats and have the Quinn position on abortion–no restrictions (like notifying a parent before an abortion) and unlimited tax funding. If Rauner is nominated, the Chicago media will use his wife’s statements and contributions again and again to shield Quinn on abortion and gay marriage, discouraging many in our party.

Rauner says Michael Bloomberg was a “phenomenal” & “terrific” mayor. Bloomberg who gave a million to raise Colorado income taxes (Proposition 66) and $350,000 to stop the recall of 2 Colorado Democrat Senators who voted for gun control? Quinn’s tax hike might have lost 2 to 1 if it had been put to the vote like Proposition 66. Colorado Democrat State Senator Angela Giron was in a district that went 62% for Obama in 2012. She was recalled 56 to 44%. Every year gun control gets more and more unpopular. It will be hard to use tax hikes and gun control against Quinn if Rauner’s the nominee.

Kirk Dillard has a 20 year conservative voting record as a State Senator and the support of Governors Thompson and Edgar. As Edgar’s chief of staff, Dillard headed up efforts to cut the budget and state regulations, helping Edgar win reelection with the largest landslide in Illinois Republican history.

Dillard’s already shown the type of administration he’ll have with his choice of Jil Tracy to be his Lieutenant Governor. Her education, speaking ability, legislative background and experience running one of the largest Illinois companies (4,000 employees) makes her an outstanding statewide candidate.

Tracy will ensure a good Downstate vote like 2010, former DuPage Republican Party Chairman Dillard will reverse Brady’s weak Chicago Suburb totals AND get 20% of blacks like Jim Edgar. A black pastor told me: “I went around for months trying to sell Brady to my people. I couldn’t. But we know Kirk Dillard. He’s been to our churches and on our radio, supported our issues. I can sell Kirk Dillard.” Even his political enemies find Dillard likable and competent.

Yes, Kirk said a few nice things about Obama–the same ethics law they sponsored put Blagojevich in jail. But Dillard vigorously opposed Obama in 2008 and 2012. The threat of a 9.5% top rate will get our governor candidate plenty of money. More money is not the answer, as Brady proved in 2010. We need somebody who uses money wisely to put together a winning coalition. I endorse Kirk Dillard.

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