Crooked Illinois Dems Sneak Ban of Farm Sold Milk into Restroom Access Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston

This is the kind of crap that makes all politics seem crooked, conniving, scheming, and corrupt. With only days to go until the end of the legislative session a Democrat has sneaked in an amendment that would put a ban on farm-sold raw milk products into a bill meant to merely change the name of the state’s restroom access act.

That’s right, a ban on raw milk sales is now in a bill to provide fair access to restrooms. What do the two have to do with one another? Not a dang thing. But that is how corrupt politics works. If someone wants something stuck in an unrelated bill as a pay off, why all you have to do is set the right levers in motion.

The amendment to HB4036 would prevent the sale of non pasteurized milk products. The amendment was introduced by Chicago Representative Daniel J. Burke.

And what is this restroom bill? The only thing House Bill 4036 was introduced to do was to make a minor change to the name of the restroom act. That is all.

Now, it seems likely that Burke introduced this one-line name change bill as a vehicle to jam in goodies to his pals at a later date. He may even have introduced this name changing bill specifically to stick the raw milk ban in so that opponents wouldn’t know he did it.

This is the kind of sham “law making” that we see in today’s crooked Illinois legislature. These corrupt politicians introduce sham bills like HB4036 specifically to lard with goodies to their pals.

Is it any wonder that Illinois is one of the most corrupt states in the country?

This government battle against raw milk is one that has been raging for a few years, now, with corrupt, nanny-state pols like Burke outlawing the sale of milk purchased straight from a farmer. These jackbooted government officials are engaging in little else but a protection racket for their favored constituents even as they claim they are banning raw milk for “public health” reasons.

Other states have used their tight regulations and/or bans on raw milk sales as an excuse to sponsor SWAT Team-like raids on farmers and to jail people that think raw milk is healthier than processed milk.

It is all a matter of freedom, liberty, private property rights, and the free market, all things that Democrats hate.

So, here is the legitimate question: if Rep. Burke was so sure that the sale of raw milk is such a public health danger, why did he feel he had to hide his ban behind a shell bill that has no connection to the issue at all?

Isn’t Burke sure enough of his facts to float a bill that is wholly devoted to a ban on raw milk? Why doe he feel he has to hide his actions like a common criminal?

Regardless what you think of the efficacy of selling raw milk products, this is not a moral or legitimate way to push a ban.

If you are against this ban or even if you are an advocate of truthful government you have until tomorrow morning to stop this subterfuge. Call you state rep.

Now, I guess I better mention my personal stake in this.

No, I am not a raw milk fan. In fact, I’ve never had it and I’d guess I never will. I am not a milk fan at all and can only stomach the weakest of one or two percent stuff.

But while I may not like the taste of milk, raw or otherwise, I do love the taste of freedom and liberty and despise the bitter fruit of government regulations.

Just as I don’t smoke cigarettes but support the right of free citizens to smoke if they want to, I am against the government nanny state telling us we aren’t “allowed” to drink raw milk because they know better than we what is good for us.

So, down with the nanny state and up with raw milk. Just don’t expect me to drink any of it.

In any case, here we have yet another example of the disgusting antics in Springfield. And I am against that, too.

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