Illinois Democrat Leader Says Republicans Would Hire ISIS Terrorists

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last weekend Illinois GOP candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner took the ALS “ice bucket challenge.” When he did he urged Illinois Democrat leaders to join him in the challenge. In reply, the state’s Democrat House leader outrageously found a way to link the charitable challenge to a claim that Republicans are like the ISIS terrorists in Iraq!

Instead of picking a long-time politician, Republican voters in the Land of Lincoln chose businessman Rauner as their candidate for Governor and he has been quite a different kind of candidate. I suppose he felt that the ALS challenge was a feels good way to lighten politics up a bit in Illinois–a place where calling politics a “blood sport” is an understatement.

Well, to show that even charities aren’t beyond being used for mean spirited political jabs, the office of Democrat House Speaker Michael Madiagn responded to the ALS challenge by claiming that Rauner would like to hire ISIS terrorists for his campaign.

When contacted about the challenge, Madigan’s spokesman said that he is not worried about charities but is “More worried about the challenge of his armed ballot security rentals…what’s next, does he rent ISIL?”

Apparently Madigan’s fatmouth was referencing the fact that the Illinois GOP hired a private security firm to help validate nominating petitions and this dope was alarmed that security firm operatives were armed… you know… because they are SECURITY AGENTS–you frikkin moron!

So, Republicans would like to hire Islamists terrorists who behead their still living enemies? That is Madigan’s reply to a charity challenge? So, what did the GOP’s security agents have to do with a feels good charity? Well, nothing, really. But just the same as a Republican challenges a Democrat to a charitable contribution, the Democrat’s response is to claim that Republicans are just like Islamist terrorists. There’s that Illinois/Obhama new tone we are all so used to, isn’t it?

It was just another head spinning, ignorant, political jab, to be sure, but it is typical of the hate that fills the hearts of Democrats that they can’t even accept a lighthearted challenge in the spirit of charity without turning it into just another opportunity to sling mud.

Now, Rauner looks like he just might win the upcoming general election and become the next Governor of Illinois. I hope he remembers this hate-filled reply when it comes to working with Democrats. I hope he realizes that it just isn’t possible to work with them. They are too filled with hate.

Of course, if Madigan had an ounce of decency in his dark heart he;d fire the idiot in his office that said this. But there isn’t a smidgeon of decency in a Democrat.

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