Governor Rauner Should Appoint Adam Andrzejewski as His State Comptroller

-By Warner Todd Huston

Adam Andrzejewski has thrown his hat in the ring to become the new Illinois Governor’s pick to replace deceased State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka and I think there isn’t a better, more qualified candidate than Adam.

Patriots In Action recently sent out a letter to supporters urging them to contact Rauner’s transition team to have the incoming governor consider Adam Andrzejewski (And-gee-efski) for the position.

Here is what she sent out…

You may be aware that Adam Andrzejewski has made application for the appointment to the open Illinois Comptroller position.

I realize it is a very busy time of the year, but time is of the essence.

If you would be so kind, to let Governor Elect Bruce Rauner know your thoughts and recommendation.

For quick background, Mike Flynn- a Quincy, IL native and editor at Breibart wrote a great column last week about this.

Please take a few minutes and write an e-mail recommending Adam to this most important financial office in Illinois.

It’s important to unite our party: establishment and reform.

Bruce Rauner has much establishment, corporate, and political support.
Rauner also ran on a platform of reform.

Andrzejewski’s track record consists of bold oversight on local, state and federal spending, nationally leading transparency work and has the support of the statewide grassroots-Conservative base.

Together, they could truly “Shake Up Springfield!”

Please type up a short letter in support and e-mail to the two e-mails listed below. ; Holly is Gov. Elect Bruce Rauner’s personal executive

( Jim Schultz – Founder of Open Prairie and Managing Director of Open Prairie Ventures I and II, was the Campaign’s Finance Chairman and is now leading as a key member of the Bruce Rauner Transition team.

This is our moment as Conservatives to join together and get a man who 5 years ago made a commitment to putting “every dime on-line in real time”. Let’s see that we have a line-by-line Forensic Audit done to help turn our state around.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

(If you want to touch-base with Adam, his personal email is

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