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Civil Rights Make no Appearance in Obama NATO Afghanistan Address

-By Warner Todd Huston One of George W. Bush’s real achievements in Afghanistan was his push for civil rights for Afghani women. Real successes were had as girls were at last allowed to go to school and women began to … Continue reading

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A Blogger at NATO 2012, What I Saw on Day One

-By Warner Todd Huston I was awarded press credentials for NATO’s 2012 Summit in Chicago and, having no idea what to expect, what I found on day one was a study in contrasts. What occurred was sometimes amusing, often mundane, … Continue reading

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Video: Occupier Destroys Huge NATO Banner

-By Warner Todd Huston John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit has been down at some of the protests of the NATO Summit. He caught some video of the idiots destroying a NATO banner… After this afternoon’s G-8 National Nurses United Rally … Continue reading

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Another Criminal Democrat: State Rep Candidate Arrested for Domestic Battery

-By Warner Todd Huston First, during the primary the Democrats voted for a State Rep candidate that was in the middle of being charged by the Feds with bribe-taking. Now we find that another Democrat State Rep. candidate has been … Continue reading

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Dear Ill. Teachers Unions: You Can’t HANDLE The Truth

-By Warner Todd Huston The teachers unions in Illinois are mad. They are unhappy that their scheme of having their personal, employee contributions to their own pensions paid by the taxpayer has been exposed. Echoing the Tom Cruise flick A … Continue reading

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State Representative Chris Nybo‏, Legislative Update

From State Representative Chris Nybo (41st District)… As we head into the final month of this year’s legislative session, I wanted to give you an update on the following emerging issues and developments: Governor Rolls Out Pension and Medicaid Reform … Continue reading

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Illinois Ranks Among Worst Five States for Business

-By Warner Todd Huston California beat Illinois, but not by a whole lot in the worst of the worst category. has posted its list of best/worst states to do business in and Illinois ranks 48 of our fifty. Only … Continue reading

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Ooops: NATO Video Says Chicago is ‘Capitol of Illinois’

-By Warner Todd Huston Obama must not have been paying too much attention to what his folks at NATO have been doing as they prepare for the summit coming up on May 20, 21 in Chicago because the new video … Continue reading

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Thank YOU… Garish Statue of Marilyn Monroe to be Removed from Chicago Scene

-By Warner Todd Huston Back in August of 2011 I finally made it downtown to take a gander at the tacky Marilyn Monroe statue that was placed at Pioneer Court near the Tribune building on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. It was … Continue reading

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Chicago Union Thug Accosts Videographer at May Day Festivities

-By Warner Todd Huston John Ruberry found a nice, kindly union thug that not only stood shoulder-to-shoulder with communists, socialists and other anti-Americans during Chicago’s May Day gathering — and justified it as a good thing — but he also … Continue reading

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