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Minutemen and Grassroots Organizations to Hold ‘Save the American Worker’ Anti-Amnesty Rally April 22

From The Illinois Minuteman Project www.PubliusForum.com Chicago, IL – The head of the Illinois Minuteman Project and former Republican candidate for Congress, Rosanna Pulido, announced that her group along with independent Tea Party groups and other grassroots organizations are holding … Continue reading

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95-Year-Old Vet Killed by Police in Illinois Retirement Home With Taser, Bean Bag Guns

-By Warner Todd Huston The police state strikes again. In a major over-the-top reaction, police taserd and shot bean bags at a 95-year-old military veteran, killing him, after he refused medical treatment at his retirement home. On July 25, police … Continue reading

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Illinois Passes Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

-By Warner Todd Huston After a vote on January 8, Illinois is set to join only two other states, New Mexico and Washington, to allow illegal immigrants to apply for state drivers licenses. A third state, Utah, allows illegals to … Continue reading

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ICE Admits Releasing Alleged Child Rapist in Illinois

By Michael Volpe A suspected child rapist is on the loose and in a statement obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement accepts responsibility for releasing him. The man is identified by ICE as Amado Espinoza-Ramirez. … Continue reading

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BanRedCams Condemns Illinois State Sen. Kirk Dillard’s Support for Red Light Speeding Ticket Cameras

Press release… Calls Urged to Other DuPage Legislators to Oppose “Big Brother” Proposal BanRedCams, a grass roots initiative to end the use of red light cameras in Illinois, is urging citizens in DuPage County to contact their state legislators to … Continue reading

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