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Mayor Emanuel Puts Himself in GOP Primary Race, Joins ‘Republican War on Women’ Lie

-By Warner Todd Huston Mayor Emanuel has not left Barack Obama. This is clear with his latest foray into national political issues by joining Obama’s orchestrated “Republican war on women” lie that has been drummed up to take America’s attention … Continue reading

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Chicago Democrat Arrested for Bribery (In Other News, Water Is Wet)

-By Warner Todd Huston Representative Derrick Smith, Democrat of Chicago’s West Side, was only just appointed to the 10th District State Rep. seat last year and now he’s already been arrested for accepting a bribe. You have to feel bad … Continue reading

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Secret New York Trip, Transparency OFF The Agenda

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, looks like the RahmFather isn’t going to be one of those mayors that gets all excited by that silly old transparency stuff. Fox Business Network revealed that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in New York … Continue reading

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Red Light Cameras: Government’s ‘It’s For Public Safety’ Lie

-By Warner Todd Huston Red light cameras are a mixed bag across the USA. Big cities love them, small cities increasingly less. But one thing is universal where ever they are tried. The whole thing is about revenue generation, not … Continue reading

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Mayor Rahm To Make Living in City Even More Expensive

-By Warner Todd Huston The City of Chicago was the only major American city to lose population in the 2010 census. Now Mayor Emanuel apparently wants to make that worse by making it even harder to live in the city. … Continue reading

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